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Book Review: ‘Lucky Streak’ By Tif Marcelo

Lucky Streak was like Romeo & Juliet. But less tragic. And hotter. Much, much hotter. Beatrice and Jackson were both great characters and I’m a sucker for the way they met in Vegas. Even though they didn’t technically enter into one night stand territory, the connection between them was strong enough to keep them thinking about one another for five years. I definitely consider the way they met to be a meet cute. And it sucked that they were put in a position to choose their families or each other. They didn’t want to let their families down. But they didn’t want to lose each other either. So keep reading for my Lucky Streak review!

Swooning After Vegas

We all know nothing that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And even though Jackson and Beatrice didn’t get as far as either of them would have liked while they were in Vegas, doesn’t mean the emotions didn’t follow them. An instant attraction like the one between them clearly wasn’t one to be stopped. Or forgotten about. Even if she did give him a fake name and felt pretty confident that she would never see him again. Beatrice should have known that with an attraction and connection like that between herself and Jackson, their encounter in Vegas was not going to be the last time she saw him. And the way she struggled to walk away from him even after knowing him for only a few hours should have been a pretty good indication of that.

Lucky Streak

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The reunion between Bea and Jack after Vegas could have happened slowly. It could have been a huge drawn-out buildup. But instead, it was something that was dealt with quickly and in a realistic way. There was happiness and surprise. But an immediate attempt to pick up where they left off in Vegas. And that was exactly how I needed it to go. Jackson was understanding why Beatrice didn’t give him her real name and Beatrice was understanding when Jackson told her he was unable to read her number on the paper she slid under his door. There were no drawn-out misunderstandings or arguments about things. Well, at least not when it came to their meetup in Vegas and not seeing each other for five years.

Fate and Family

Jackson may not have believed in fate but even he had to admit that it was pretty strange to end up right next door to Beatrice after five years of thinking about her. And wishing he had been able to take her on a date. But of course, something always has to get in the way of that smooth sailing. And it was Beatrice’s family. But more than that, it was her family business. Or, more specifically, the fact that her family business was in direct competition and in contrast with Jackson’s family business. Though in Beatrice’s defense, it was her idea to buy the resort with her brothers and she had been working there with them since that moment. When it came to Jackson, he only got involved with his family’s business to have a relationship with his father and for a job after retiring from the military.

But there was also a bit more to the rivalry than just business. Jackson’s father didn’t always play nicely with others and has done some shady things. So it’s understandable why Bea’s family is a little wary when it comes to dealing with them. But Bea’s family also hasn’t exactly been welcoming to their competition. Though they haven’t resolved to any shady tactics, they haven’t made the situation any less volatile. The two families not being fans of one another really makes the relationship between Bea and Jack a difficult one to navigate. But their feelings for one another are strong and they just have to decide if they are going to let their families stop them from being happy with one another.

The Writing Style

I loved the times from Beatrice’s point of view. She is such a relatable character and being inside her head was such a fun ride. Her inner thoughts had me laughing out loud so much of the time. Beatrice is such an honest and loving character. It was easy to see why Jackson fell so hard and fast for her. But the way Beatrice’s emotions were written was palpable. I experienced everything she was feeling. It felt like I went on this journey of love with her. The ups and the downs. And when it was from Jackson’s point of view, talk about swooning! Such a great male character. I wasn’t just reading words on a page, I was experiencing everything in real-time as I was reading it. And it takes a pretty talented author to be able to take it to that level.

Lucky Streak

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