Book Review: ‘Coyote’ by GiGi Meier

I got an advanced copy of a debut novel by GiGi Meier. From the second I read the synopsis of Coyote, I had a feeling that it was going to be an amazing read. Being able to interact with GiGi on social media and kind of see her process and her thoughts on things made me super excited to get into the novel. And when I did? Holy crap! I had a feeling it was going to be good. But the book that I ended up reading was nothing short of phenomenal! So keep reading for my review of Coyote by GiGi Meier!

From the Start

The first words of Coyote immediately take you into the action and things never really slow down from there. I pretty much say on the edge of my seat for the entirety of the book. But there were at least some moments in between where I was able to catch my breath before the next major thing popped up. And, of course, there was the romance thrown in with the action to really keep me hooked. Every piece of this novel was placed perfectly together in a way that kept me from wanting to put it down. I’m pretty much all or nothing when it comes to reading a book. If I don’t love it, the chances are that I”m not going to finish it. And I’ve also become pretty good at not even picking up ones I’m not going to like.


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So my track record of kick-ass books is pretty great. And this one was certainly a kick-ass book. It’s easy for me to give it 5 stars because I was impressed by everything. From start to finish I was so involved in what was happening. There were a couple of moments when I found myself actually gasping at what happened. And have you ever had a moment where you have to put the book down for a moment to absorb everything you just read? Either because it was so intense or crazy. Because I definitely had a few moments like that with this book and I have to say, I love those moments. Where you have to take a moment to think and process the situation you just read. I always think it’s impressive when an author can make you have those kinds of moments.

Strong Leads

A badass female character leading the charge is always a favorite. And Sammie was the epitome of a badass. She started Coyote saving young girls. Sammie also didn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself for those girls right from the jump. She was willing to do whatever was necessary as long as it meant that her mom and those girls were going to be safe. Even when things looked bleak, Sammie still didn’t give up and was bound and determined to get herself out of the situation as well. Sammie’s bravery was incredible to read. But it was also inspiring because at the end of the day she was just an ordinary woman trying to do something for others. Which made her extraordinary in my eyes. And it kept me reading at a ridiculous pace because I just constantly needed to know what happened next.

As for Carlos, he surprised me. On more than one occasion. Every time I expected him to act one way, he did the opposite. And I love it when a character surprises me. Generally, I know before I start a book or as soon as I start, what two characters are going to get together. But the excitement comes from reading about how it all plays out. Reading and experiencing their relationship as it all unfolds. So the fact that Carlos kept me guessing when it came to his relationship with Sammie, was pretty cool. And also pretty impressive. He was a badass in his own right. But I liked that he did his best to help Sammie be strong and independent too. He didn’t try to make her think that she needed someone else to protect her. Instead, he did his best to help make sure she had the tools necessary to protect herself.

Another to the List

Gigi Meier was already on track to impress me with the storyline she presented. But her writing style and how she jumped into the action and kept it going were supremely impressive. I really enjoyed the way she wrote her characters and their journeys. But I loved that there was romance without it being too much or too heavy. Because listen, I love a spicy book. But sometimes it’s nice to have a book that has a romance with a side of spice. And I liked that the focus here was on what was going on around them and how Sammie and Carlos were coming together to take all that on. It didn’t take anything away from their romance to not constantly have spicy scenes. And for me the way everything was written made for an incredible book. GiGi Meier just earned herself a place on my favorite authors list.


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Are you into action novels? Strong heroines, that can take care of themselves? Super sexy book boyfriends that teach them to protect themselves without being overbearing? A novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting to turn the pages faster and faster to find out what happens? Then look no further than Coyote by GiGi Meier! Because it is all that and then some! Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle, and you can find and follow me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17 to discuss all things books and more. And be sure to check out our site for content on all things Disney and beyond!

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