Buried Deceptions

Book Review: Buried Deception by Amanda McKinney

Once again, I found myself immersed in a novel. Buried Deception was incredible in so many ways, starting with its characters. The way that Mia described not only her own trauma but trauma in general, was so beautiful and raw. Amanda McKinney writes with so much truth woven into her characters and story that it would be difficult not to get sucked in. Add in the mystery and the genuine intrigue of the story and you had me completely lost in the pages. So keep reading for my review of Buried Deception by Amanda McKinney!

The Characters That Lured Me In

Easton was so reserved with others, I expected him to have a long and difficult road when it came to trusting Mia. But there seemed to be something about her that pulled him in and took all his defenses out. And I love when the tough guy gets deep! Especially when it’s someone he’s attracted to. Mia certainly smashed through all Easton’s walls. He was also a natural hero. But one who didn’t realize how much of a hero he was. There were some jaded feelings from his own past. But he was also naturally protective over those he felt responsible for. And Mia was most one of those people quickly. More than that, he had a firm belief in right and wrong. And no one was going to sway him. So his job as CEO of a tactical tracking company made sense. As did his past as a marine.

Buried Deception

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The fact that Mia took her own trauma and situation and turned them into a way to help others was admirable. But it was also relatable. Because so many people take what they’ve been through and turn it into a career of helping others. Making sure they don’t go through the same types of situations. Or helping them recover once they have. It made Mia an admirable character and a very memorable one too. Because when you read a lot of novels, it can be hard to remember all the characters you’ve read about. But Mia is going to be one I always remember. Because she is fierce, professional, and tough. But also allowed herself to be vulnerable and open with someone else. And I think that’s pretty impressive. It was also clear she was a very talented psychologist and natural profiler.

The Mystery That Kept Me

The mystery and setting of the novel were creepy as hell. A stalker in the woods is a terrifying premise to begin with. But add in that it’s happening in the foggy and naturally eerie setting of the swamplands in East Texas? Yeah, that made for a pretty terrifying mystery. But in the best way possible, because I’m a sucker for a mystery that gives me chills and this one provided that in spades. Every moment had me getting into it deeper and deeper. You know an author has a true gift when the real world around you fades away and you find yourself completely immersed in the world they have presented to you. That’s what happened with this book and it made for an even better experience. I was lost within these pages and did not want to be found.

Easton and Mia have both had traumas in their lives and while they did their best not to be affected by the case while investigating, that’s easier said than done. Especially for Mia who was feeling her past blend into the situation in front of her in the present. It was understandable why Easton was concerned about things in that case. But Mia was also an extremely capable and strong character. So when the two of them teamed up, I knew there was going to be some intense sparks flying. And I was so happy to be right. Their interactions were bursting at the seams with tension. It was clear pretty much from the moment they teamed up to work on the case, that things between them were going to go way beyond professional.

The Book That Will Keep Me Coming Back

This novel checked all of my boxes and then some when it comes to finding a good book. It had a beautiful romance intertwined with an intriguing and terrifying mystery. But it also had so much depth and emotion on every page. The mystery kept me riveted to the pages for the entire length of the novel and the ending was satisfying. This is listed as book one and I cannot wait for there to be more books in this series. Because I absolutely will be reading all of them. And while this is the first book by Amanda McKinney I have ever read, it most certainly is not going to be the last. She has found another fan in me and is absolutely being added to my favorite author list.

Buried Deception

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Are you going to be reading Buried Deception when it is released? Have you ever read a novel by Amanda McKinney? If so, what do you think of her writing style and what has been your favorite novel of hers to read? What is your favorite book genre in general? And what is your favorite book? Do you have any novels that you keep going back to time and time again? You can find and follow me on twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17 and @capeandcastle to discuss all of the books! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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