Beyond the Mountains

Book Review: ‘Beyond the Mountains’ by Robin Blaire

Here I am with another book review! This was such a good book and had me hooked right from the start. But more than that, Robin Blaire is super interactive on social media. And seems like such a cool person in general. I really think that automatically makes her books a little better. Because you see that the author themselves are kickass! This was the first in a series and I’m going to be counting down the minutes until the next one! Probably between every book. Because I have no restraint and finish good books much quicker than I should. But I just can’t help myself. So keep reading for my Beyond the Mountains review!

Amazing Characters

I had such a hard time putting this book down once I started it! Because I was immediately drawn in by the characters and the writing style. But because I also wanted to savor the story, I paced myself at least a little bit. Lawson was such an emotional character and I loved that he was so in tune with his emotions and wasn’t afraid to speak up about what he wanted and how he felt about things. He also made it clear he wasn’t afraid to fight for the things he wanted either. Yup, Lawson was an incredible book boyfriend indeed.

Beyond the Mountains

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Something else I really loved was that Hannah was such a badass herself. She could stick up for herself when the situation called for it. And though she did have a bit of trouble asking for help when she needed it, Lawson and her Gram knew her well enough to know when they needed to just hop in the car with her and do what needed to be done. She and Lawson were a great match and I liked that the female character was the one that was a bit more reserved with her feelings and the male character was so open and honest with his.

Character Development and Some Spice

The character development was beyond amazing and I was all about Lawson and his family from the first chapter. The more I learned about them, the more I wanted to learn about them. Which is part of why I’m so excited that Robin will be continuing this as a series! It seems that each sibling is going to be the focus of their own book and I can’t wait to read more about all of them. That’s one of the best things about series like this to me. We get to read more about the characters that weren’t the main focus of the first novel and as we go to each of the next novels in the series, we also get to read more about the main characters from the novel before when they become the background characters.

This book was the perfect amount of spicy and the way Lawson treated Hannah had me swooning. I also liked that there was some action but it didn’t take away from the love story that had been developing between Lawson and Hannah from the time they were teenagers. Their romance was so well written and well developed, it felt so real reading it. It was a truly beautiful story that unraveled between these two characters. I’m also always up for a romance novel with a cowboy and Lawson was the very definition of that. I can only hope that each series will have more cowboy characters added in for me to swoon over the way I did with Lawson.

The Author Behind the Novel

This is the first novel I’ve read by Robin Blaire, but I will absolutely be coming back for more. I was able to receive an advance reader copy for review but as soon as it was released I was also right there buying a copy for my Kindle because I know that this is a book I’m going to want to read again and again. I also have a feeling that the series is going to be one that I’m going to want to read over and over again. So while this was the first novel I read by Robin Blaire, it certainly is not going to be the last. I think I have found another favorite author to add to my list! I cannot recommend this book enough!

Beyond the Mountains

Image via Robin Blaire and Kindle

Have you read Beyond the Mountains yet? If you have, what did you think of Lawson? What about his relationship with Hannah? Are you as excited for the next novel in the series as I am? Have you read Robin Blaire’s other novel? If you’ve read Beyond the Mountains, are you going to read the rest of the novels in the series? You can find and follow me on Twitter @Sarah_Jeanne17 and you can find and follow the site @capeandcastle! Be sure to also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond! If you want to follow Robin Blaire, you can find her on TikTok and GoodReads.

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