‘Motherland Fort Salem’ 3×05 Review: “Cession in Session”

Last week (review here), the unit celebrated Yule, as well as the survival of President Wade and fellow witch, M. This week, the unit, was brought before the council where it was decided what would be done with them next. Amid the action, Tally was left to wonder if the future she saw, or lack thereof, was set in stone.

Let’s review!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!

MFS 3x05

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Secrets to Keep and Decisions to Make

The unit struggled to decide the right move to make about President Wade and Nicte when the council arrived. Nicte was quick to dip out on the unit. More so, Tally (Jessica Sutton) didn’t reveal the world’s fate, determined to take Abigail’s (Ashley Nicole Williams) advice and see about changing it. It’s a great idea rather than giving in to panic, but sometimes you can’t fight fate and that’s what I worry about.

While pleasantries were made, it was no surprise that the council was already ready to send the unit packing. I was ready to see was the unit buck up and fight to stay and I wasn’t disappointed. While Abigail and Scylla (Amalia Holme) made a case against The Camarilla, Scylla also promised that they would all leave and never return. That meant leaving a place that both Scylla and Raelle (Taylor Hickson) considered home. That also meant never returning to Fort Salem or helping in the war. This was a heart-wrenching moment for the unit. Even when you win, you lose.

One moment of the episode that left me stunned was the council of the Cession believing so deeply that The Camarilla was only just a boogeyman. The smallest thought that they could be real made all of them scoff. While the Cession wasn’t involved at the start of the war, they should’ve at least been able to offer some form of support. That it took them experiencing The Camarilla’s violence to join the war effort rather than the bonds of being witches was tragic. They wound up losing a few of their own fellow people. However, the Cession witches joining the war effort could be the tipping point for the witches.


The Final Straw

It was Hearst’s (Bob Frazer) deadly attack on the unit that finally got the message through to the council. It would’ve been better if the council had believed them from the get-go, but better late than never. Sort of. Hearst isn’t afraid to cross lines. The surgery that gave him witch vocal cords and also nearly killing Raelle’s father is proof of that. His motives to purge witches from the world is nothing short of horrifying. As his attacks grow more erratic and climb the ladder of ruthlessness, it’s clear that nothing stands in the way of his racist beliefs. There’s no line he won’t cross and he may end up giving his life to this cause in a destructive way.

This definitely would’ve been a prime moment for Nicte (Kandyse McClure) if she would’ve stuck around. I can’t blame her for taking off before the council arrived. Still, she could’ve really proven herself and possibly gotten herself a chance of reprieve had she been there to help fight off Hearst.


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A Place Called Home

Alder (Lyne Renee) brought the stewards to the Mother where they were protected in what looked like her childhood home. The memory was tainted by The Camarilla, but it paved the way for Khalida (Kylee Brown) to share her past as well. The backstory on these two has been a long time coming. While the two of them are among the most powerful of their people, they share so much tragedy together because of The Camarilla.

What truly pierced my heart was realizing I’d been correct about Alder. The grey in her hair was growing and now color and power was fading in her because the poison in the Mother is spreading. Alder is running short on time and it’s hard to say if she’ll be able to finish this mission. I certainly hope so. Her character development has been so strong since she returned from the dead. I’m not ready for her to die again. Still, it seems like there may not be a choice. Talk about wrecking my emotions.


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Good News and Bad News

Anacostia (Demetria McKinney) and Sterling (Luc Rodrigue) were still in the clutches of The Camarilla. While it was great to see that Sterling survived the brutal stabbing, the joy was short-lived. The two of them were up to have their throats ripped open and their witch’s vocal cords taken. As if being forced to fight fellow witches to the death wasn’t enough.

The two didn’t give in so quickly and Anacostia was quick with some dark and deadly song, turning their torturers on one another. Once free, she then stole one of their faces. It doesn’t have to be said that Anacostia’s tactics have swerved drastically. I’m just hoping this doesn’t keep her in such a dark place.

When they managed to get free and escape The Camarilla facility that turned out to be a sports stadium—which I had no doubt they’d do—Anacostia couldn’t just leave without getting any intel. This was the best opportunity they were going to get, especially after all she and Sterling had suffered through. What they saw was a stadium filled with camarilla soldiers preparing for the next wave against witches. As if poisoning the Mother and cutting witches off from their heritage wasn’t enough, a bloody war truly is on the horizon.

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