Candy Drip

Lucky Daye: ‘Candy Drip’ Review

Drew’s Ranking: 4/5

Exceptional R&B with a mission to deliver tunes of pleasure to your ears. Production on Candy Drip is caramelized and lush, a combination that not only matches Lucky Daye’s voice but his musical style on this project, too. It’s almost criminal that every track here is ear candy in the most satisfying way… A strength that makes this project one of the best R&B albums so far this year. 

What It Feels Like

Leave it to Lucky Daye’s music to make you feel a type of way. Following 2021’s excellent Table For Two EP, Daye explores a seductive side of his music that takes the listener to the bedroom and dream worlds alike. Through tasteful 2000s samples, (“Over”), sultry acoustic guitar, (“F****n’ Sound”), and vocal distortion (“Compassion”), Lucky Daye gets his point across. He’s here for a good time. Along the trip, there are smaller ways in which Candy Drip builds its reputation as a consistently great album. Such as the interludes that come in occasionally, (“Touch Somebody”) and verses from the likes of Lil Durk, Smino, and Chiiild. These are welcome additions to an excellent project that contains some great highlights of Lucky Daye’s career. They also help the flow of the album tremendously, one of the most impressive accomplishments. 

Consistently Candid

With 17 songs clocking in at 57 minutes that transition smoothly and effortlessly, Candy Drip does not drag on at all. Nothing feels overcooked or overdone, and Lucky Daye stays consistent with his message. “Used To Be” is a standout from the candy-coated world, in which the mood becomes poignant as Daye sings of experiencing the loss of love, accompanied by orchestral strings and a soft piano and guitar. “Fever” follows, and doesn’t cause drastic differences between the heartbreak and lust that make it sound out of place. It manages to adjust. Even on the most despondent track on the album, Candy Drip manages to stay true to its sound. 

Journey’s End

“Ego” is the conclusion of this whimsical journey, and Daye’s voice is at the forefront as he commands the attention of the listener. It’s a lyrical accomplishment, bringing forth a discussion of self-reflection and introspection as he croons over a soft beat, “I’m working on my ego.” Lucky Daye’s full-length sophomore album is nothing short of outstanding R&B striving to bring joy to the listener. It is passionate, sultry, and covered in curiosity. 

One thing is for sure: When Candy Drip hits, you won’t want to let go.

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