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‘911 on FOX’ 5×17 Recap: “Hero Complex”

911 on FOX knows how to tug on our heartstrings. We’ve had it happen so many times before. No doubt it will happen again and “Hero Complex” was no different. This episode provided us with the backstory for Jonah Greenway and how he became someone who wanted to play God. Let’s see what happened in “Hero Complex.”

The idea of Hero Complex shows us how it can go so wrong

Hero Complex

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As a kid, Jonah was on the school bus when the driver began experiencing a heart attack. His quick thinking saved his life and he became a local hero in the town. This led him to chase the high that came with saving a person’s life.

In the present, most of the team are just returning from Claudette’s funeral service. Bobby and Athena help May through her feelings of guilt. She feels as though if she had not started an argument, they wouldn’t have been down in that room. Bobby assures May she had no fault in this, a fact we know is correct. Claudette would have been fine if not for one person.

Hen, having arrived home to Chimney’s apartment with him, admits her feelings to the man in question. She tells him she snooped through Claudette’s bathroom cabinet and found medication for a heart issue.

After admitting her suspicions about Jonah, she expects Chimney won’t believe her. However, Chimney trusts that Hen would have noticed if Claudette was worse off than she actually was. If she feels something is wrong, then she might be correct.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, Hen and Chimney are hilarious in their attempts to not be suspicious when they go searching for his personnel file. They find out that Jonah has constantly switched stations in different states.

Is a promise actually kept in “Hero Complex?”

Hero Complex

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They go to visit Buck and Taylor at the loft to see the footage she got at the triage center at dispatch. In the footage, they can see Jonah administering something to her. Buck tries to play Devil’s Advocate like Bobby and Athena. It’s not that he doesn’t believe them, but he doesn’t want to believe someone could do something like that.

Hen calls around and discovers that at one particular station, a firefighter revealed he left Jonah alone with a patient who seemed fine. But then the patient died after suffering cardiac arrest. They go to Bobby and Athena with their suspicions. It’s obvious by Bobby’s reaction that if something like this is true, then he is going to take it badly.

Even though the entire visit was urged to be kept off the record, it’s obvious by Taylor’s reaction she’s intrigued with the possible story. When Buck later sees her working on it, he tells her she can’t run the story, especially since Bobby has been informed of the situation.

Taylor, however, wants to run it so people know the truth. But for Buck, there’s also the possibility it could put Hen and Chimney in danger if Jonah knows they are on to him. He asks her to promise not to run the story.

The hearts of the 118 are in danger

Hero Complex

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Unfortunately, with the Chief now opening an investigation into Jonah, it’s not long before the man in question figures out Hen is onto him. He calls her and basically threatens to show her what he is capable of. Hen immediately calls Karen, worried that Jonah will hurt her. But Karen realizes Jonah is not jealous of her. It’s Chimney who is in danger.

Hen and Chimney are abducted from his apartment, just before Maddie arrives with the baby. After talking to Karen and finding a syringe, she rushes out to call the police. In the meantime, Hen wakes up to find Chimney strapped to a metal table, where Jonah is taunting her by stopping his heart.

Hen is distraught to witness this, telling Jonah he is not a hero and is nothing more than a murderer. After the second time Jonah stops Chimney’s heart, we see Chimney barely come to. He unhooks himself the best he can from the monitor so he can raise his arm and shock Jonah with the defibrillator.

Weak and in pain, Chimney is able to pull himself over to Hen’s side. Luckily, help comes quickly, thanks to Karen calling Athena for help. As they are being brought out of the house and Jonah is arrested, an angry Bobby appears to punch him for what he did to his family.

Back at Chimney’s apartment, Maddie is preparing to go to the hospital to see Chimney while Buck babysits Jee. They see the news footage of the arrest, with Taylor onscreen giving out Jonah’s information. It’s information that theoretically would not be released so early, so Buck knows it came from the talk that was meant to be off the record.

Will this be the end of BuckTaylor?


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Even though Taylor had only covered the story after the arrest, it still was a breach of trust in Buck’s eyes. For him, she broke his trust by putting out information that wasn’t supposed to be there. Yes, it would have come out eventually who Jonah was. However, he’s angry that she essentially used the information that came from his family. Maddie said it herself, how did she get his information so quickly if he was just arrested?

We’ll likely see the fallout of this in the season finale, but we can’t see Buck and Taylor surviving this hurdle. To be honest, Buck needs that final push to realize that his heart isn’t in this relationship and it’s not good for either of them.

Hen and Chimney are being kept in the hospital for observation. After a tearful reunion with Karen, Hen eventually has a talk with Chimney about what happened. They talk through the events that led them there. She appreciated that she had his back even though her suspicions could have been off. However, Chimney always had faith in her and has since the day they met and became best friends.

This episode was an intense roller coaster of emotions. Aisha Hinds was absolutely amazing. She exhibited so much of Hen’s fear and heartbreak during the scene with Chimney dying twice. After this, we expect Chimney to protect the rest of his nine lives! Plus, how will Bobby handle the fact that he hired someone like Jonah, who eventually hurt his family?

Eddie figures out how to be better for himself and not others

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We also got to see Eddie visiting Texas for his dad’s retirement party. Having worked as a petroleum engineer for 40 years, it’s something new for his dad not to be working. But Eddie clearly still has resentment over how the company kept his father away from home for years.

Eddie ends up letting out his feelings about how his childhood was taken away early. Things like trying to cook for his sisters or doing fun things were dismissed so he could be the man of the house. He was punished for his efforts rather than praised for trying to help. But when he realizes his own dad is hiding some health issues, Eddie realizes that there’s more to his dad than first shown.

His dad was hiding health issues from his family, much like Eddie had tried to hide his panic attack. Eddie understands his dad didn’t want to appear weak. Ramon realizes how much hiding things and not being there hurt his son and he doesn’t want to do that anymore. It’s clear that this is something Eddie has wanted his whole life. He doesn’t want to punish himself anymore for not being who he wants to be. He wants to be better for himself.

Our final thoughts

Eddie has been on such an amazing journey in figuring out who he is. This was the first time he admitted out loud he wanted to do better for himself and not just for Christopher’s sake. In fact, we didn’t see Christopher at all even though he is in Texas with his family. “Hero Complex” was highlighting the importance of Eddie not just making decisions because of Christopher. He’s taking Carla’s advice to follow his own heart.

We are so excited for the season finale of 911, although we do not want to say goodbye to the crew just yet. But whatever the path to Season Six holds, we genuinely can’t wait for it!

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