‘The Endgame’ 1×04 Review: “#1 With A Bullet”

The Endgame slowly feels like a slow burn that is waiting to happen. They continue to give answers but at the same time, they do not reveal a ton. Again, still my biggest question is, why Elena is focused on Val? Keep reading my recap/review for The Endgame 1×04 to find out!

It Starts With A Bullet

The beginning of the episode picks up from where the end of the last episode left off, when Val has an FBI tech analyze a thumb drive that Owen left for her to find. My question is, how did Owen even get the thumb drive in the first place? Val confronts Elena on what the thumb drive is – how does it relate to the bank heists?

Elena avoids the question, however, but still brings up the partnership that she wants with Val. Why does Elena keep bringing up the partnership with Val? Why does she keep saying that they have more in common than they think?

The Endgame, #1 with a Bullet

Sometimes Waiting Can Be A Good Thing

Meanwhile, Val’s boss Doak takes it upon himself to decide to rush into a bank while the hostages are coming out. However, Elena is one step ahead of everyone which results in Doak being trapped against a wall with deadly lasers. Honestly, Doak should have been patient and wait for Val’s instructions, but Doak, being the arrogant person he is, gets not only himself but also his other fellow agents trapped against a wall with deadly lasers.

At the end of the episode, Val ends up piecing everything together – every person Elena has told a story about, is related in some way. My question is, what did these people do to Elena? How does she know all of this information?

The Endgame, #1 With A Bullet

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