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‘9-1-1 on FOX’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: “Panic”

9-1-1 did not waste any time with their Season 5 premiere! Taking place four months since the end of the season finale, the firefam had their hands full with a blackout, zoo animals, and…ransomware? Let’s unpack everything that happened in the 9-1-1 Season 5 premiere of “Panic.”

Unfortunately for the city of Los Angeles, they are all under cyberattack. From GPS signals sending people to the incorrect destination to invisible planes heading towards air traffic control, things were just crazy for the crew!

In the midst of all this, we saw how Maddie has been holding up. It appears she is on new medication for her postpartum depression and she has filled her day up to keep herself busy until Chimney gets home from work. Of course, this is hampered by the ransomware attack and the team being on calls to help those in need.

It’s obvious she will be alone with Jee-Yun during the blackout and we’re worried for her!

9-1-1 on FOX Season 5 finds several characters facing trauma

Besides technology going completely insane, Athena is also battling some old demons. The serial rapist who attacked her, Jeffrey Hudson, has his trial coming up and he wants to defend himself in court. Not only that, he has a group of girls fangirling over him, giving us serious Ted Bundy vibes.

The judge allows Hudson to fire his lawyer and defend himself. This leads him to interrogate Athena in an effort to discredit her due to a few instances where she may have made some rogue decisions at work. If this happens, then he will be able to have anything found in his storage space dismissed from the trial. This includes the trophies from his victims.

Before the judge can make her decision, chaos erupts due to confusion caused by the ransomware attack. Multiple inmates are brought into the courtroom leading to a distraction. Hudson uses this chance to escape as Athena tries to find him.


Photo via Jack Zeman /FOX.

What is going on with Eddie?

Meanwhile, things are also a bit rough for Eddie. While shopping with Christopher and Ana for a suit for Christopher, Eddie suffers a panic attack. This is on the heels of a salesperson mistaking Ana for Christopher’s mother. In the lead-up to the suit shopping, Eddie was also telling his teammates that things weren’t that serious between them, despite the fact he will be meeting Ana’s entire family.

At the hospital afterward, Eddie is confused, having thought he was having a heart attack. He tries to push away the thought it was a panic attack, not even thinking it has anything to do with the shooting four months previous. So what was the panic attack about? Is there something he is feeling deep down about his personal relationship? Are there still old wounds from the trauma of the shooting he is avoiding? He didn’t want to bring the shooting up until Christopher did so. So what is going on in that head of his?

He tries to hide what is happening, even when it nearly happens during a call. When they take the victim to the hospital, Eddie’s doctor spots him as Buck looks on in confusion. Buck, who knows Eddie very well, is instantly concerned even as Eddie brushes everything off. Knowing Buck, and based on his attitude right afterward, we have a feeling he is going to get Eddie talking sooner rather than later.

A blackout makes the situation worse


Image via Jack Zeman /FOX.

Although, it probably will have to be later. Without warning, darkness falls onto the city. This happens just as a medivac helicopter carrying an organ for transplant lands halfway onto the roof.

As for Hudson, they finally make an arrest.  Athena’s detective partner, Lou, makes the arrest, and all seems fine. But then, Hudson’s former lawyer kills him without warning.

Next week will see how the second part of this harrowing adventure plays out! And if the promos are anything to go by, we have yet another member of the extended 118 families to worry about!

What do you think will happen in regards to Eddie’s panic attacks? Will Hudson face justice? Join us next week for the second part of the exciting start to 9-1-1.

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