‘9-1-1 on FOX’: What will Season Five bring for the characters?

In just a little over a month, Season 5 of 9-1-1 will return to our screens. We cannot wait to catch up with the members of the 118 and the various characters we have come to know and love. So far, we don’t know much about what we will see when the show returns to FOX. However, we do have a few ideas based on teasers and photo art!

9-1-1 continues to go big in their premieres

A recent teaser was released online, showing the city blanketed in darkness after what appeared to be an explosion. This has fans excited and we now know the blackout will encompass the first three episodes of the season. Plus, it would appear that there will be animals in the episode who escaped from the zoo. Oh, the jokes we can see being made.

In addition, we also know there will be a return to Athena’s attack and the plotline revolving around that.

We’re glad to see 9-1-1 will resolve this arc, as we have gotten glimpses of Athena’s road to recovery, but she does need closure so she can move forward.

Knowing this storyline is coming, we also have some ideas on what we’d like to see with the other characters.


Bobby continues to deal with his own emotions in regards to what happened with Athena in addition to helping the woman who caused the car accident in the last season. Will his aid to her result in some tension with Chimney, whose brother almost died as a result? It would be an interesting arc since we love their friendship and would love to see more of them. What else is coming up for the captain of the 118? We’re looking forward to seeing his journey both personally and professionally.


Hen’s journey towards becoming a doctor has so many implications for both her job as a paramedic and her home life. Will becoming a doctor mean she won’t be with the 118? How would this affect the team dynamic? We know the team now possibly has Albert and the newest probie, Ravi. Are they preparing us for Hen to move on? Obviously, we refuse to entertain seeing less of Aisha Hinds on our screens. But we are rooting for Hen in going after what she wants. We’d love to see how she balances this new phase in her life not only in a work capacity but as a wife and mother. Plus, more scenes with Karen means more Tracie Thoms and we need this. Are you listening, 9-1-1?

Maddie and Chimney

Maddie’s post partum depression storyline is such an important topic that many can relate to. Her journey into motherhood hasn’t been as smooth as she’d hoped and she was able to tell Chimney she needed help in the season four finale. Chimney has always been an amazing, supportive boyfriend and we know he will help Maddie through this. Chimney has also been growing as a father as well and becoming closer with his brother, Albert. We’re excited to see many more moments with both Maddie and their daughter, Jee-Yun.


Season four saw a lot of growth for Buck. From learning a painful family secret to growing to be more confident in himself as a person and firefighter, we saw Buck’s journey as he eventually ended up in a relationship with Taylor Kelly. Now, we’re still on the fence about these two, especially since things happened so quickly and after she appeared to friendzone him. However, this could be another aspect of Buck figuring out what he truly wants in a relationship and if this is the right move for him. We’re excited to see how Buck navigates life with his new romance and his own relationships with his family and friends.


Eddie went through a lot in the last two episodes of season four. The poor guy got shot by a sniper and he was only trying to help a kid in an abusive situation. This is the second time he has experienced being shot and there has been a lot of trauma he has gone through in his life. We want to see more of Eddie dealing with the effects of these events on his person. Plus, he is also in a relationship with Ana, who we have not gotten to see a lot of. It’s interesting that in the second to last episode, Carla made a comment to Eddie about following his heart and not Christopher’s. We know Eddie makes his decisions based on Christopher’s needs. Maybe it’s time to figure out if he is truly following his heart in his relationship.

There is so much potential for the characters in Season five and we’re excited to have them back. We’re just glad we don’t have to wait as long as we did for Season four! What arc are you looking forward to in Season five of 9-1-1?

Make sure to watch 9-1-1 when it returns on Monday, September 20 on FOX. Follow us on social media for more content!

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