Motherland: Fort Salem 2x04

‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ 2×04 Review: “Not Our Daughters”

Last week on Motherland: Fort Salem (review here), our witches were steered onto different tracks at War College and discovered that their choices in how they serve, not to mention live, are out of their control. Each of them had different ideas about that. This week, the first witch-testing center is opened and met with rebellion by the anti-witch rebellion. Anacostia and Scylla go deeper undercover to follow The Camarilla.

Let’s review, witches!

Warning: It’s about to get spoiler-y!

Motherland: Fort Salem 2x04

Motherland: Fort Salem 2×04 “Not Our Daughters” via Den of Geek

PSA: Calling All Witches

Alder opened up the first witch-testing center but was sour upon discovering that Anacostia was working with Scylla to infiltrate the anti-witch rebellion. Anacostia has had enough of Alder with her rule-breaking. Even so, Alder decided to keep her on with her infiltration mission. A tense scene between the two, we were eating it up and cheering on Anacostia. Alder has crossed so many lines that her leadership is definitely in question and Anacostia doing it is fire.

The tension between them has been coming to a head for a long while and we’ve been siding with Anacostia the entire time. We’re pretty sure this was nothing but a baby earthquake in com

MFS 2x04

Motherland: Fort Salem 2×04. “Not Our Daughters” via Hulu

Not Our Daughters

The girls were given orders to attend the witch-testing center opening as backup to protect those coming to be tested. Things got heated up at the protesters at the gate shouted, “Not our daughters!”, exercising their rights. Truthfully. Alder’s efforts for the army come off more like a drafting process.

An unexpected twist hits when the protest went wild. Alder was notified that The Camarilla was among all of the people. As they infiltrated the rally, Abigail was lured away and ambushed. While she held her own, she was nearly killed and her vocal cords ripped from her throat, not by the assumed Camarilla, but the anti-witch group that Anacostia and Scylla had been following. So close to losing, Abby was saved by M and Tally who displayed some wicked witchiness. Still, it didn’t heal Abby from the brokenness she was feeling as all of her feelings of failure overcame her.

MFS 2x04

Motherland: Fort Salem 2×04. “Not Our Daughters” via Hulu

Rocky Ground

Abigail and Adil were still on shaky ground after her blaming him for what happened out in the desert with The Camarilla. As a result, he had decided to move to India with Khalida to help his people settle in instead of remaining for the rest of the semester. Safe to say, there was a lot of rage that Abby needed to release. We’re just hoping that while she’s traveling the dark side a bit, she utilizes it against the enemy without getting herself killed like she nearly did.


Aldered History

Tally struggled to find out about the Martyrdom, a fire which Alder set on witches that had surrendered to her and her battalion. With no leads, she turned to Petra Bellweather who knew as much as she did. Tally hit her limit when Alder decided to blame The Spree rather than the actual enemy. Did we get knocked speechless at the end of the episode when she barged in on Alder demanding answers? Uh, YES! Tally isn’t one to typically stir any kind of pot, but these memory dreams deserve some explaining.

Motherland: Fort Salem 2x04

Motherland: Fort Salem 2×04 “Not Our Daughters” via Den of Geek

Top Moment

Okay, so we should say top moments because there were two. We’re handing it over to M and Anacostia this week. Our coven leader came in clutch for our witches. Keeping them together and whooping some major ass when they needed her most. Abby was and still is in a dark place, Tally is kind all over the place, and Raelle just caught sight of her first love, Scylla, which means she is out for the count at the moment. So, M, coming in to save her own, that is one badass witch.

And Anacostia? We could go all day and night! The way she stood her ground when she reported back to Alder was boss-level. She crossed the line and lit it on fire and still, she kept her eye on the mission, knowing the issues she has with Alder’s methods and dishonesty wouldn’t be let go. The war going on and putting not only regular people in danger but witches as well was more important. Personally, we’re following Anacostia’s lead. Making alliances is better than playing the blame game. We’re holding out for a promotion for our badass boss. That, or she’ll build her own army. We feel not just a war coming on, but a revolution.

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