‘NCISLA’ 12×16 Recap: “Signs of Change”

NCIS: Los Angeles had such an interesting case this week. During the course of the episode “Signs of Change,” Kensi gets to know a young woman named Sienna Marchione. Sienna was one of two lone survivors of a robbery at her company. She has always wanted to serve her country but because she was born deaf, it was never possible. Plus, Sam has his own personal mission he needs help with. For all this and more, check out our recap to see what happened in this episode of NCISLA.

Giving a witness a chance



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Working with technology at Heptagon Labs, where they were developing technology to turn objects invisible, this is her way of helping her country and proudly serving. When Kensi and Deeks interview her about the attack, Kensi feels for the young woman’s struggles. Coming from a proud military family, Sienna has always wanted to serve but was never able to due to being deaf.

Kensi comes up with the idea to bring her in as a cooperating witness, but Deeks is hesitant about doing anything that could get them into trouble. Of course, he also brings up all of the things that can mess with your career, including interpersonal relationships. Deeks, look at who you married!

Despite Nell trying to turn Kensi down, when Admiral Kilbride learns about Sienna, he gives them the go-ahead to let Sienna help with the case. For someone who is normally by the book, it was amazing to see the Admiral allow Sienna the opportunity to be a part of the investigation,

Eventually, the investigation finds that a co-worker of Sienna’s, Owen, was connected to a billionaire named Ehsan Raman. Having ties with Saudi Arabia, it looked like he was a potential suspect. Fatima witnessed an exchange of money over the technology but was unable to prevent Eshan from escaping.

Luckily, the team figures out that Ehsan would likely have his own private jet. Just in time, Kensi, Sam, and Callen prevent him from leaving with the technology.

NCISLA also delved into a personal mission for Sam


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In addition to working on the case, and getting himself shot, Sam has been on a personal mission. He had tasked Hetty with holding onto his medals and couldn’t locate them. There was a special pin he wanted Kamran to have for her graduation. It was the pin his wife gave him while she was pregnant with their daughter.

Just in time, Nell is able to find the medals and makes sure Sam, and Uncle Callen can get to Kamran’s graduation in time. Thanks to Admiral Kilbride’s advice, she begins to learn to think about how she would get things done and not just rely on Hetty.

A journey that is still ongoing


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Kensi and Deeks also come to an agreement over their own baby journey. They decide not to worry about the logistics of their careers until something actually happens regarding their future family.

The episode really showed how despite having a disability, you should never underestimate just how important someone’s role can be no matter what. Sienna was fully capable of being a hero in her own right and to see Kensi give her the opportunity to shie was so important to see. It also gave Sienna a chance to figure out where to go from here.

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