2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

You all chose the nominees and then you all voted for the winners! So the time has come! The results are officially in and we are ready to reveal them to you! There were some difficult choices in just about every category, that’s for sure. But you all banded together, spread the word and the love about your favorites and even some of the actors got involved! And we had a lot of fun putting this together and spreading the love with all of you! So without further ado, keep reading for the 2020 Cape and Castle Awards results!

Should Have Been/Better Be Canon TV Couple of 2020

This one was close! Tim and Lucy from The Rookie came in at second, less than a hundred votes behind our winner! And our winner is,

Angus MacGyver and Riley Davis, MacGyver

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via CBS

While MacGyver may be over for the moment, we haven’t even come close to giving up hope that the show will be saved. So that means we haven’t given up hope on Mac and Riley getting their story!

Best Live-Action Disney Movie of 2020

Second place in this category went to Secret Society of Second-Born Royals! But the winner came through with a landslide of votes! And that winner is,


2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via Disney

While the live-action film is definitely different from the animated original, it’s still a phenomenal movie overall!

Best Animated Disney Movie of 2020

There were only two choices for this category, and Onward came in second. So that means your first place winner is,


2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via Disney

This movie was raved about all over! But while it faced some tough competition in Onward, you all decided that the top afterlife-focused movie is Soul!

Best Action Television Series of 2020

Once again, two options in this category were extremely close! Also once again those two options were The Rookie and MacGyver! But this time around, MacGyver took second place, making your winner,

The Rookie

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via ABC

We’ve got to say, The Rookie fandom came in strong for this one, and it’s no wonder why! It’s a great show and one of our favorites!

Best Action Movie of 2020

Your second-place winner is Extraction! But the movie that came out on top is,

Bad Boys for Life

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via SONY

This movie came in as number one by quite a bit! You all made your love for the movie loud and clear with your votes!

Best Comedy Television Series of 2020

Every single one of the choices in this category ended up with close results! So that just goes to show you all chose some great nominees and it was a tough choice! But your second-place winner is Young Sheldon, making your first place winner,

Julie and the Phantoms

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via Netflix

This series took our hearts, made us laugh, and has kept us rewatching more times than we’ll admit! So it really didn’t come as too much of a surprise that this Netflix hit came in at number one!

Best Comedy Movie of 2020

Freaky came in hot at second place! The comedy-horror had us going from one extreme to another! But your first place winner is,

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via Netflix

This entire series took our hearts and it’s no surprise that it took first place, too!

Best Drama Television Series of 2020

While second place goes to This Is Us, the first place winner took this category by storm! So there is certainly no question about your winner being,

Chicago P.D.

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via NBC

This drama has been pulling us in since episode one and it’s never let go! Clearly, it isn’t letting any of you go, either!

Best Drama Movie of 2020

Your second-place winner in this category is The Boys in the Band! So your first-place winner is,

Promising Young Woman

2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via Amazon Prime

This is absolutely an incredible movie. While it’s mainly a drama, it’s also a crime thriller and has action in it as well.

Best Sci-Fi/Thriller Television Series of 2020

Your second-place pick is Fear the Walking Deadwhich has been (pardon our pun) killing it this season! But your first-place pick is,


2020 Cape and Castle Awards Results

Image via The CW

We still aren’t over the series coming to an end! But we’re in full support of this one winning by a horde of demons! Or would it be angels?

Best Sci-Fi/Thriller Movie of 2020

Coming in second is the intensely creepy, The Invisible Man! But taking things with a major dose of votes is,

Love and Monsters

Image via Paramount Pictures

This pick isn’t surprising at all! It was great watching fans of the movie come together and spread the word along with the love of the movie!

Best Superhero Television Series of 2020

Coming in second is Amazon Prime’s kickass series, The Boys! So your first place winner is,


Image via The CW

This was another close one all around! But we are pretty happy to see the now-ended series getting in some final awards!

Best Superhero Movie of 2020

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn came in at second place to your winner, which is

Wonder Woman: 1984

Image via Warner Bros.

This one absolutely isn’t a surprise! Gal Gadot is absolutely incredible and she embodies Diana like no one else!

Best Canon Television Couple of 2020

Wow, this one was another close one! Coming in second is Kensi and Deeks from NCIS: Los Angeles! And your winner in the category is,

Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton (Upstead), Chicago P.D.

Image via NBC

Partners on the job and off? Yes, please! We’re so glad these two have opened up to one another and chosen to lean on each other! So bring on the Upstead!

Best Television Series of the Year 2020

The Rookie and the MacGyver fans continued to come in full force for their favorite! So The Rookie is taking the second-place spot! Which means your winner is,


Image via CBS

The fans of this one have been fighting hard to save it after CBS made the decision to cancel it. And we hope to see them be successful!

Best Movie of the Year 2020

Wonder Woman: 1984 comes in at a close second to your winner, which is

Love and Monsters

Image via Paramount Pictures

That’s right! This one has taken another win! But even though there weren’t a ton of movies to be released in 2020, we think even if there had been, this one would have taken this award!

Best Villain in a Television Series of 2020

Martin Whitly of Prodigal Son came in as a close second to your winner, which is,

Murdoc, MacGyver

Image via CBS

Murdoc made for quite a villain! So we’re going to continue holding out hope that this big bad is going to grace our screens again in the future!

Best Fight Scene in a Television Series of 2020

Wow! The fans came through on this one! Coming in second place is the fight scene from Arrow 8×08! And your first place fight scene is,

Absentia, Episode 3×09

Image via Amazon Prime Video

The Absentia fans got the scene nominated and they pushed through to bring home the votes! We love to see Stana Katic kicking ass! But who doesn’t?

Best Fight Scene in a Movie 2020

So Extraction’s fight scenes were badass enough to earn it second-place! But the winner in this category is,

Wonder Woman: 1984

Image via Warner Bros.

This was a seriously epic fight scene and it’s no wonder it came in first place! Everything about it was absolutely stunning!

Most Emotional Scene in a Television Series of 2020

The emotional scene in season 8, episode 10 of Arrow comes in second with your winner being,

Chicago P.D. Episode 7×16

Image via NBC

We definitely haven’t watched this scene or this episode over and over. Okay. So maybe we have. But you can’t blame us! Because you’ve made it clear it had you all caught up in your emotions as well!

Worst Television Cancellation Decision of 2020

So there were some seriously terrible cancellation decisions this year! You brought Council of Dads in as the second-place winner and your first-place pick for worst cancellation is,

One Day at a Time

Image via Pop TV

This one was pretty hurtful. Not only because it was canceled. But because it was saved only to be canceled again!

Best Television Season/Series Finale of 2020

This was once again a very close end result! So coming in second is Supernatural! Making the winner,


Image via CBS

The season 17 finale certainly was one hell of an episode! But then again, every episode of this show usually keeps us on edge!

Best Television Series Kiss of 2020

This one stayed pretty neck and neck throughout the entire voting period and both fandoms were spreading the word! So coming in second place is Brettsey from Chicago Fire. And your winner is,

T.K. and Carlos (Tarlos), 9-1-1: Lone Star

Image via FOX

These two are a hot and heavy couple and we love every second that we get to see them on our screens. But we do wish we got even more of them!

Best Actor in a Television Series of 2020

So many amazing actors and shows! Coming in second for this category is Jensen Ackles for his performance in Supernatural. The winner you’ve chosen is,

Eric Winter for his performance in The Rookie

Image via ABC

We absolutely adore Eric Winter and have loved watching the evolution of Tim Bradford on The Rookie! So we can’t wait to see what Eric continues to bring to the character!

Best Actress in a Television Series of 2020

Coming in second for this category is Melissa O’Neil for her performance in The Rookie! So coming in at first place is,

Tristin Mays for her performance in MacGyver

Image via CBS

Tristin Mays brings so much to the character of Riley Davis and we hope we haven’t seen the last of her in that role!

Best Actor in a Movie of 2020

With this category, we have Dylan O’Brien coming in second for his performance in Love and MonstersSo the winner is,

Chris Hemsworth for his performance in Extraction

Image via Netflix

All of the actors in this category are incredible and did amazing in their respective movies! And Extraction was an epic Netflix movie that had us hooked from start to finish. Mostly because of Chris Hemsworth’s performance!

Best Actress in a Movie of 2020

Viola Davis’s incredible performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom lands her in second place for this category! And your winner is,

Gal Gadot for her performance in Wonder Woman: 1984

Image via Warner Bros.

We’re so glad that we haven’t seen the last of Gal Gadot in this role because she plays it so beautifully!

So that’s it for our 2020 awards! We hope that you all had as much fun as we did and we can’t wait to see what the 2021 awards will hold! But remember, you can find and follow us on Twitter @capeancastle to talk about all things movies, tv, and more! Also check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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