Cape and Castle Awards 2020

2020 Cape and Castle Awards

It’s that time of year again! Time for the 2020 Cape and Castle Awards! We know that 2020 was kind of, well, a shit show. There weren’t a lot of movies and many favorite shows were delayed. But that certainly won’t stop us! So vote below for your favorites! From the couple that better be canon, to movie of the year and everything in between! We tried to think of as many categories as we could. And YOU all chose the nominees in each category! Which is good, since there were way too many for us to have to pick! The movies are all ones that premiered in 2020 and all the shows had to have at least one episode in 2020 to qualify. You have until April 30th to vote!

But before you get to voting, there are some rules. We ask that you please don’t cheat. Of course you want your favorites to win, everyone does! But help them win the right way. We do have safeguards in place to prevent bot voting and if there is any suspicious activity, not only will the suspicious IP(s) be blocked, but we will be forced to remove that pick from the category completely as well. So please encourage other fans to vote the right way as well so your pick doesn’t get removed. We also ask that you are all kind to one another in the comments here and on social media. This is supposed to be fun! And with that, happy voting!

Categories and Nominees

2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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2020 Cape and Castle Awards

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We hope that you had fun picking all of your favorites! Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share who you voted for! Be sure to check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond! And be sure you come back after the voting ends on April 30th for the article announcing all of the winners!

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    • Trevor

      Awesome to see Gal on the list as well because she was fantastic

    • Trevor

      Awesome to see that Gal Gadot is on the contenders list for Best Actress of the Year for Wonder Woman 1984 & her performance was praised by many & she’s the perfect Diana Prince/Wonder Woman & Wonder Woman means everything to her

  • Laura


  • Lauren



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