Webtoon Adapts and Should Keep Going!

A few years ago, Webtoon was just an itty-bitty app that allowed authors and artists to come together and share graphic novels. What started as just a passing ad that you scrolled past on Facebook, like TikTok, boomed into a vibrant and energetic place for readers of anime, toons, and graphic novels.

Honestly, I got reeled in by Siren’s Lament. Webtoon has turned out so many phenomenal stories, some of which have featured celebrities such as Common and John Barrowman. Books, too, have been given graphic life such as Not Even Bones and The Wrath and the Dawn. Not only have there been some amazing features but some toons will be hitting the stream screen. It’s quite exciting. Books have been getting adapted for decades so it’s great that Webtoon gets to join in. Here are some that have already been adapted!



True Beauty via Viki

True Beauty

A fun, witty, and honest look into how hard life can be after being bullied because of your physical appearance. A girl goes to great lengths to look completely different after she takes the time to learn about make-up through tutorials. One of the main themes is self-acceptance. Blended with a complex love triangle? Bring it on. In fact, you can catch season 1 on Viki.



Lore Olympus via Twitter

Lore Olympus

The story of Persephone and Hades unlike you’ve ever known. Beautiful watercolor and impactful storytelling with characters you already know but fall in love with instantly. It’s unclear when this adaptation will get underway let alone released, but I’m still holding out while binging the latest episodes.



Tower of God via Comics Beats

Tower of God

What’s your greatest desire? Whatever it is, you’ll find it in the tower. You’ll just have to get past endless obstacles-some deadly-to get to it. Already out and quite popular, you can catch episodes on Crunchyroll!


Love Alarm via Kpopmap

Love Alarm

Based on the hit toon published back in 2014. What if you had an app that alerted you to people who liked you within your vicinity? Creepy? Potentially good for helping you find “the one”? One thing’s for sure, love is no longer able to be secret and in some cases, it causes more pain than good. This drama hit Netflix in 2019 and has already hit its second season. This isn’t your ordinary romance and is certainly addictive.


And we can’t share some of the amazing adaptations without sharing some toons that definitely need to get adapted. These are some that have stood out artistically, with their storytelling, with their ability to snatch the greedy attention of readers and even get them (and me) to spend money for locked chapters.



Gremoryland via Twitter


We’re hitting at The CW for this one! Teen turmoil in the dark fold of a creepy amusement park where dark secrets and brutal truths are unveiled. Let’s not forget just how creepy this is! Thrills and chills on these rides, just make sure you keep your hands and feet inside at all times.


Midnight Poppy Land vi Webtoon

Midnight Poppy Land

Steamy and embroiled in mystery as an editor for a fresh-on-the-market publishing house gets caught up with a gangster. Deep drama and so many ships. Definitely one people will fall in love with instantly.



Refund High School via Webtoon

Refund High School

Definitely one for the anime train. When four young teens die suddenly and tragically they are given a second chance to redeem themselves in the great beyond at Refund High School where they along with many others, including creatures they never knew existed, work to graduate so they may have a chance at being resurrected or move on to Nirvana. Wisdom, friendship, and a showdown with evil.



Witch Creek Road via Webtoon

Witch Creek Road

Calling all American Horror Story fans! This dark, twisty, horrifying Webtoon takes you places you didn’t think possible. From three demonic chicks to a talking gun convincing a girl to kill people to doorways nobody should walkthrough. Dark, gritty, and it’ll leave you guessing.



The Red King via Twitter

The Red King

This is one I’m iffy on, but BUT Netflix hasn’t been half-bad on the fantasy genre. I’m leaning more towards them when thinking about this one becoming adapted. One badass man with an adorable dog being followed by dangerous spirits that don’t want him in their business, though it’s really his business too. With so many twists and turns that take you deeper into a world of the supernatural and the dirty rich, it’s hard not to be enticed. Did I mention the dog?


I Love Yoo via Webtoon

I Love Yoo

Fans of This Is Us and A Million Little Things, this is for you. With hard-hitting emotions around family, friendship, and life itself, this one will snag you. Shin-ae, a foodie with no filter, works double-time, sacrificing her friends, time, and even school to help her dad make ends meet for the both of them. Still, misfortune and heartache gravitate to her. Then she meets the Hirahara brothers, who are estranged and completely different but manage to fall into Shin-ae’s life. Nol is outgoing and plays on Shin-ae annoyed buttons while Kousuke is determined to help her rise above her misfortune and find her place in the world. Both seem to be finding more than they bargained with her.

Haven’t read from Webtoon yet? Don’t even know what it is? Check it out in the app store! Tell us what your favorite toon is. And don’t forget, follow us on Twitter to keep up with shows you love, book reviews, and other news.

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