Debris 1x04

‘Debris’ 1×04 Review: “In Universe”

It doesn’t take Bryan and Finola long to figure out what’s going on with a mysterious rain over a farm in Nebraska. But the situation and secrets between the two of them are going to prove more difficult. Finola knows that Bryan has been lying to her now. But she decides not to tell Bryan what she knows and it has me more than a little curious as to why. So keep reading for my Debris 1×04 review!

Collecting the Pieces

I know that this is a show that always starts out weird. But this episode started out super weird! I mean, I like a rainy day now and then myself, but I would rather it not result in my death. Or turn me into a chlorine breathing thing. That sounds pretty daunting to me. But Finola and Bryan always seem to take their cases in stride. I honestly don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad that it’s them and not me, that’s for sure. So off to Nebraska Bryan and Finola went to deal with this mysterious rainfall that seemed to hover only over a specific farm. Once again, I was impressed with how quickly Bryan and Finola figured things out.

Debris 1x04

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This entire situation would have been terrifying alone. But the fact that every episode has the debris doing something wildly different is a bit daunting. Are there any limits to what it can do? And I’m sure there is some kind of connection between all of the situations that the debris has caused. But if there is, I certainly haven’t been able to figure it out. At least not yet. I’m also intrigued that Bryan and Finola were the ones chosen for this job. And it’s clear they both have the necessary skills to handle everything the debris has thrown at them so far. It just makes me wonder if whoever decided to make them a team knew that.

Polar Opposites

I absolutely love that Bryan and Finola are so different. And not only because I am a complete sucker for the opposites attract trope, even though that’s true too. I just love watching two people who are so different from one another find a way to come together and work toward a common goal. But it helps that Bryan and Finola play off one another the way they do. And they aren’t too set in their ways when it comes to the possibility of compromising with one another. Which is part of what makes them such good partners and keeps me rooting for them and their successes.

Finola always wants to do what is going to be for the good of the people. She allows herself to get emotionally attached to the people affected by the debris. And when it comes down to making a choice between science and saving lives, Finola is going to choose saving lives every single time. And I love that about her. Then there is Bryan who is trying to just go in and do the job. He’s giving it his all just to resist feeling anything for the people they come across. But I think it’s already clear that isn’t working out all that well for him. Even if he tries to insist the science comes first.

Heading Three

I’m actually really glad that Finola found out Bryan was lying to her so soon. I was concerned that it was going to last the whole season. But I wish she would have confronted Bryan and put everything out in the open. Playing it close to the vest isn’t going to do her any favors. At least I don’t think so. I want to see Finola and Bryan have that huge fallout and disagreement so that they can move on from it. If they are going to be able to continue working together successfully, then they are going to have to trust one another implicitly. And to do that, they both need to come clean.

Debris 1x04

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What did you think of Debris 1×04? Why do you think Finola didn’t tell Bryan that she knows he has been lying to her? What reason does she have to keep things quiet? Do you think the partnership between Bryan and Finola is going to be able to recover from the lies and deceptions? Or is it going to lead to even more dangerous not only for Bryan and Finola but for innocent bystanders as well? And what is going to happen once the secret is really out? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share all of your Debris 1×04 thoughts with us! Be sure to check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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