Mystery 101: Killer Timing

‘Mystery 101: Killer Timing’ Review

Hallmark has brought us another installment in the Mystery 101 series and it feels as if we’ve been waiting for it forever! But this time, the stakes were higher than ever! A case from Travis’s past has come back with a vengeance and Travis is directly in the crosshairs! But that isn’t the only case or problem! And he and Amy aren’t the only ones on the case this time around! Travis’s ex-wife, Kate, who happens to be an FBI Agent joins in on the investigation! Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha once again had us captivated in not only the mystery on screen but with the chemistry and relationship between their characters as well! Plus, we were so excited that Erin Cahill joined the Mystery 101 family! So keep reading for our Mystery 101: Killer Timing review!

Closer Than Ever

Amy and Travis have been close pretty much since they met. There is just a deep connection between the two of them that has only gotten deeper with each installment. Watching their relationship progress has been absolutely amazing. But there was something a little different with this one. There just seemed to be a closeness between Amy and Travis that we hadn’t seen before. Maybe it was because they finally took that romantic step toward each other in the last movie and only continued down that path with this one. Travis and Amy have always worked together like two halves of a whole. But with their relationship moving into romantic territory, there just seemed to be a little extra between them and we loved it.

Mystery 101: Killer Timing

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The flirty banter between Amy and Travis was more obvious along with being more frequent. And we were loving every second of it. Watching the two of them no longer holding back when it comes to letting their feelings show, had us squealing in delight! The progression of their relationship has been organic and just magnificent to watch. We can’t wait to see how things continue developing between them. And yes, we are referring to watching the two of them move in together and eventually get engaged and get married. So we’re going to need Hallmark to continue giving us Mystery 101 movies. We need Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha together on our screens over and over again!

Rought Start

We’ll admit that Kate had us a little on edge when she first arrived. Things were certainly a little awkward between Kate and Travis. And there was definitely tension when it came to Kate and Amy at first. But in Kate’s defense, hearing about Travis being hurt with the situation at hand would be more than a little stressful for anyone. Though it still had us a little wary of how things were going to be between them. We just want Travis and Amy to be happy and they seem to be the happiest when they’re together. So while we certainly more than accepted Kate by the end, the beginning just had us a little unsure of where things would stand.

But Kate actually ended up being an amazing character. And we have to say that we are really proud of the way Hallmark and the Mystery 101 writers handled the relationship between Amy and Kate. There was no competition or cattiness between the women. Instead, there was support and understanding. Kate wasn’t looking to come between Amy and Travis. She was actually more than supportive of the way they bring out the best in each other. We love that instead of being competitive or tearing each other down, Kate and Amy became friends and accepted the other’s position in Travis’s life. It was a situation that could have been delicate but ended up being dealt with maturely.

Catch the Killer

There was a lot going on with the case Travis, Amy, and Kate were faced with. We were so focused on the Wolfman case that we definitely didn’t see the ending coming with Joe! Things were dangerous from the get-go with the house explosion. And Travis was more than a little lucky to be able to walk away from the explosion with a concussion being the extent of his injuries. But the fact that Amy was the intended target when the shot was fired into her house had us freaking out! We may have been shouting at our screens! We were more than a little relieved both that Amy is such a serious badass and that Travis was able to realize what was happening before it was too late. Another plus, while the Wolfman ending wasn’t the most ideal, at least Travis won’t have to worry about him anymore.

Mystery 101: Killer Timing

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What did you think of Mystery 101: Killer Timing? Which movie in the series has been your favorite so far? Are we going to get to see Travis and Amy get serious? What was your favorite part of this installment? What did you think about Travis’s ex-wife? Do you think we’ll see her again in the future installments? Did the ending of this one surprise you? Or did you see it coming? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to let us know all of your Mystery 101: Killer Timing thoughts! And be sure to check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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  • Melanie Willoughby

    I was confused by the ending since it just stopped after Amy got off the phone with her father about her uncle being missing. There was no closure at all only a continuation.


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