Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1x01

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ 1×01: Review of Tweets and Memes

You already know how much we love stalking the hashtags of our favorite series and movies just to see the hilarious tweets offered by all of you! So, we’re going to do the same with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1×01! Keep reading below for some of our favorite tweets and memes!

The New Cap

Listen, we still haven’t accepted the loss of Steve Rogers as Captain America, okay? We’re in the same boat as Sam on this one and honestly, how dare they try to replace him like it’s nothing? Besides the fact that Steve gave the shield to Sam and the government just decided to shit on that fact. But we clearly aren’t the only ones unimpressed!

We couldn’t agree more with this one. It’s a no from us on the discount Captain America!

Okay, but why does this look so accurate? We legitimately spit our drinks out when we saw it.

YES. AGREED. Plus, we always love this meme. Always. Now you’ve got us in our Wanda feels again, dammit!

Sam’s World

This tweet! We couldn’t agree with it more! Sam Wilson is to be protected at all costs!

We’re going to have to agree. There’s really no other choice.

The Therapist

We weren’t huge fans of Bucky’s therapist. But watching the way Bucky interacted with her was more than just a little freaking hilarious. And you guys certainly delivered with your tweets and memes on the scene!

We were on the floor with this one! Bucky was not impressed with the notebook!

Okay, so she did throw some hard truths at Bucky. And just maybe he needed to hear them. But damn. Give the man a break!

Emotions and Bucky aren’t really two things that go hand in hand. At least when he’s with his therapist.

This one had us nodding our heads in agreement. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Though we may be potentially biased for Bucky. Can you really blame us?

Aging like Fine Wine

Bucky looks pretty damn good for 106 if we do say so ourselves. Some of you showed that you agree by showing us just how good Bucky looks for his age.

Yeah, that’s a definite swipe right from us.


All the Feels

From anger to sadness, to happiness, excitement, and everything in between. We’re only one episode in and we’ve already felt all of the things and you all described those emotions perfectly. While also letting us know we aren’t alone. So thank you!

We admit fully and completely that we are not okay.

Why would you do this to us? We’re now crying into our Bucky Charms and Captain America Crunch.

Hurtful! And you’re right, we are crying! Why do you guys have to hit us right where it hurts?

SAME! We may have even squealed a little bit.

We hope you enjoyed our review of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1×01 in tweets and memes! It was a lot of fun looking through the hashtag and finding what you all posted! You can find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to send us even more tweets and memes about the show @capeandcastle! Be sure to check out our review of the premiere episode here and check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!


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