Debris 1x02

‘Debris’ 1×02 Review: “You Are Not Alone”

Bryan and Finola head to Pennsylvania for their next case! A wide variety of objects made of metal or any type of alloy seem to be making their way to one location all on their own. But that isn’t even the weirdest part. There are also clones of people showing up. And yes, we said that in the plural sense. That’s because it isn’t just one clone of the person popping up. Oh no, it’s clones upon clones of them. Including Bryan! We also had Finola continuing to deal with her father’s estate as Bryan continues lying to her about the fact that her father isn’t actually dead at all! So keep reading for our Debris 1×02 review!

Tell the Truth

We still find it hard to believe that Finola and Bryan haven’t been partners for long. But if Bryan doesn’t tell Finola the truth about her father, we’re concerned with how long the partnership is going to last. She deserves to know that her father is alive and that he seems to be up to something shady. And Bryan needs to tell her. He is a good agent so we’re sure he knows that one way or another Finola is going to find out the truth eventually. So he can either be the one to tell her before then, or he can face the wrath she’s sure to dish out when she not only discovers the truth but that Bryan knew and kept it from her. We really want Bryan to be on the right side of things.

Debris 1x02

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While Bryan and Finola were looking into their next debris case, they seemed to be really getting to know one another along the way. But it’s hard to be happy about it when we’re so worried it’s all going to fall apart when Finola learns the truth. Though we are enjoying learning more about the two of them in general. Finola and Bryan talking about all of the things that came from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania was pretty adorable. And Finola not knowing about the phenomenon that is Peeps was absolutely hilarious. We loved seeing Finola try the Peeps after getting some for Bryan. It was yet another moment of bonding between the two. Though we personally think fresh is the best when it comes to the marshmallow delicacy.

Seeing Double

It was weird enough to see the trail of metal objects being magnetically attracted to one location. But when there appeared to be another Bryan, we found ourselves in full panic mode. Body doubles always get us anxious. It’s just way too easy to get confused about which one is real and which one is the imposter. And this situation had us really confused because there wasn’t just one clone being made. There were clones upon clones popping up. If we’re being honest, it was actually a little bit scary. Why does this show always have to try and give us nightmares? We promise that they don’t have to try so hard. Because they are succeeding.

While we were confused as hell, we were also intrigued. Finola figured out that the clones were each an individual part of the original person. Bryan and Finola were able to find the real Eric and save him. Though it seemed like in a way he kind of saved himself. At least, he kept himself alive by refusing to let go of the person he loved the most. And the fact that Bryan faced a clone of himself shows that whether he likes it or not, his emotions are going to show themselves. So he may as well talk to his partner about them, right?

Family and Friends

Not only is Finola dealing with the lie that is her father’s death, but things between her and her sister are more than a little strained. So it was nice to see her opening up to Bryan about things, at least a little bit. And while we hate that he’s lying to Finola about things, Bryan does at least seem to be struggling with it. He could also be consoling himself with the fact that he doesn’t actually have any proof that Finola’s father is really alive. For all we know, it could be a clone! Even if they don’t want Finola to know because of personal reasons, there’s a very good chance that they are stacking the odds up against themselves by not including her. Finola could have vital information about her father that could lead the team to track him down.

Debris 1x02

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What did you think of Debris 1×02? Do you think that Bryan will come clean with Finola? Or is he going to continue lying to her? Will Finola find out the truth about her father on her own? How do you think she is going to react to the truth? And what about when she finds out that Bryan knew and didn’t tell her? What else do you think Bryan is hiding? Will he open up to Finola the same way that she’s opened up to him? Or is he going to keep evading questions that have to do with what’s happened to him in the past? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share all of your Debris 1×02 thoughts! And be sure to check out our site for more content on all things Disney and beyond!

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