New Amsterdam 3x02

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×02 Review: “Essential Workers”

Things in this episode certainly got crazy! Between Max creating more problems than he solved with the opioid problem and even ending up in jail, we were certainly kept on the edge of our seats! Floyd was doing his best to save Vijay’s life as Ella went into labor! Meanwhile, Lauren discovered something about Iggy that he is going to need her help with to get past! So keep reading for our New Amsterdam 3×02 review!

Heading One

While we were worried about the health of a lot of our characters, Max had us worried about his freedom. When he said that he wanted to reach a place where opiates were no longer being prescribed, we weren’t sure what to think. It’s a great idea in theory. But we had a feeling it wasn’t going to go over too well. And it certainly didn’t. As a matter of fact, Max’s decision seemed as if it led from one bad situation to another. From an orderly being caught stealing from the dispensary, to Max deciding his next best course of action is to hire bike messengers to deliver the prescriptions. Oh, Max. We were shaking our heads, sure that the decision wasn’t going to end well at all.

New Amsterdam 3x02

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And it didn’t. But it was even worse than we thought when Max was arrested. We honestly didn’t know if we should laugh, cry, panic, or all three. We may have done a little of all three. Max always has the best of intentions. But his plans don’t always end well and this was certainly one of them. Though we do think his final idea of using fluorescent fibers to watermark the medication prescribed from New Amsterdam does have some merit. We’re sure it’s going to take some time and money, but Max seemed to have a plan to take care of both. But only time will tell if it’s a solution that works.


Have we mentioned how much we love having Floyd back? Because we really love having him back. But the circumstances of why Floyd is home for now definitely sucked. And the situation with Kapoor only got worse when Floyd’s first attempt at saving his life didn’t work. Luckily, we didn’t have to lose one of our favorite characters. While we’re so glad that Vijay is going to be okay, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the scene with Vijay’s wife telling him that he has to be there for his grandchild. We’re not crying, you are! But we will be crying if we have to watch Floyd leave again. It was hard enough to go through that the first time. We don’t know if we can do it again.

Everyone at New Amsterdam was clearly affected by Vijay’s situation, including Ella. We were so worried for her and the baby! This episode had us worrying about just about everyone. But everything seemed to come together for Vijay and for Ella, who had a beautiful and healthy baby! Things also seemed to come together for Max’s situation. At least for now. And it seemed like Helen and Cassian seemed to find their way to the same page for now as well. We promise that we’re doing our best to be happy for them. Even if we would rather see Helen with Max. For right now it seems that Cassian is who she needs. Plus, Max hasn’t let go of Georgia and isn’t ready for a relationship.

Support and Understanding

Our hearts broke for what Iggy was going through. But we were glad Lauren was able to be there for him. And given their history of supporting one another, it was fitting that Lauren was the one to discover what was going on with Iggy. We have faith that he’s going to be okay. Iggy is a character that spends so much of his time being strong for everyone around him. So maybe it’s time for him to let others be strong for him. And we don’t think there is anyone better for that job than Lauren. With her by his side and encouraging him through everything he’s dealing with, we have no doubts that he’s going to find a way to get through this. But what we do know is that Iggy is an amazing father, husband, friend, and psychiatrist. That’s something we never doubt or question.

New Amsterdam 3x02

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What did you think of New Amsterdam 3×02? Do you think Floyd will be sticking around for a while? Are you glad that Lauren was the one to discover what was happening with Iggy? What did you think about everything Max went through when it came to the opioid situation? Were there any decisions Max made that you agreed with? Or did you think he was handling the situation all wrong? Are Helen and Cassian in it for the long haul? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share all of your New Amsterdam 3×02 thoughts with us! You can check out our site for more articles, podcasts, quizzes, and more on all things Disney and beyond!

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