9-1-1 4x07

‘9-1-1’ 4×07 Recap: “There Goes The Neighborhood”

Another new episode of 9-1-1 brought new meaning to getting to know your neighbors. “There Goes The Neighborhood” followed up the previous episode with some light-hearted humor while still serving up some drama. What happens when Buck goes back into the dating scene? How will Hen’s surprise visit from her mom turn out? What is going on with Michael’s neighbors? Let’s go over the main points from 9-1-1 4×07.

The problem with dating

9-1-1 4x07

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Buck decides to get back into the dating game via a dating app. Unfortunately, his first foray into the dating world doesn’t go so well. His date, Veronica, is quick to judge him and take things too seriously, especially when he tries to share a story about a rescue.

To make matters even more awkward, she turns out to be his new neighbor. He then spends all his time trying to avoid her. In fact, he asks Albert to distract her so he can get the mail. This leads to a scene where he is venting to Maddie, who just gives him the patented big sister advice. She herself is preparing gift baskets to prepare her neighbors for when the baby arrives. Despite there not being enough Maddie in this episode, just getting to see Buck and Maddie in big sister-little brother mode was a fun moment after what they went through previously.

While Buck may be overthinking things, he does talk to Eddie during a call involving a turkey about just wanting a safe place to stay. Now his apartment doesn’t feel that way. So is there a chance he will move for real?

Speaking of turkeys, can we just say that Buck and Eddie have been so hilarious this season with their comedic scenes? They truly could have a horrible true crime podcast where they discuss their crazy rescues and I would listen to every single word that comes out of their mouths.

Then, because life just can’t be that easy, when Buck goes to smooth things over with Veronica, he is stunned to find Albert in her apartment. It looks like life is about to get interesting for Buck and Albert! How will these two roommates handle this surprising turn of events?

Rear Window Part Deux

9-1-1 4x07

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A major part of the episode went to Michael, who remodeled a part of his home to install huge windows that allow him to do some people watching. He has a telescope he uses to see what the neighbors are doing across the street. Without job offers coming in for him to do his work as an architect, this is his one form of entertainment since Harry doesn’t need his help as much with remote learning.

There is one neighbor in particular who has Michael on edge, though. He notices the man has a lot of trash and he is suspicious of the many people who come in and out of his home. Athena tries to get Michael to ease up on the spying and even gets Bobby to go to his apartment to talk to him.

Amateur detectives

This turns out to be the wrong move, as Bobby quickly becomes entangled in the mystery. Michael’s boyfriend, David, is no exception. The two of them go next door to check out the man’s trash in the dumpster.

Bobby and David discover bags of surgical equipment in the dumpster. They realize the man is performing underground operations. When they try to get in contact with Michael, they find out he broke into the man’s apartment.

Michael finds a woman unconscious and just as he is going to call for help, he is hit over the head. Athena is miffed when she finds out what happened, but Michael is sure he remembers seeing the woman and now she is missing.

Once they realize the woman never left the building, the police go door to door and eventually discover her in an apartment, bleeding and unconscious. Despite how grizzly this plot was with the illegal doctor operation, seeing Bobby, Michael, and David working together to solve a crime was hilarious. We definitely need more of this trio!

An unexpected visit from mom

9-1-1 4x07

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Hen and Karen are home with the kids when Hen’s mom, Antonia, comes for a surprise visit. She tells them she is moving to Los Angeles from Nevada. Things appear to go well with the visit and the kids adore their grandmother. This leads Hen to believe that the rough patches she had with her mom are behind them. However, during dinner with Athena, Hen overhears her mom talking to Karen about her. It sounds as though her mom is sharing concerns about doing so much, but it comes across as critical.

This makes Hen feel down about the visit and she talks to Karen about how she feels. It was a touching scene between them and honestly, anytime we get to see Karen is a plus. She did her best to not only comfort her wife but also try to see where Hen’s mom may have been coming from, in a way that didn’t take away from how hurt Hen was feeling.

More than meets the eye

Karen is with the kids at the park when they discover that Toni lied to them about having a home. Hen finds out her mom was evicted from her home and is now living in her car. They have a long talk about how Hen was made to feel and her mom is honest about what she meant. She wasn’t trying to hurt Hen at all and is proud of what she has accomplished.

They still may have some work to do to help repair their relationship. Despite this, Hen and Karen welcome Toni into their home.

The next episode will see the team once more before the winter finale. 9-1-1 will return in April and we already can’t wait for the rest of the season! Let us know your thoughts on 9-1-1 4×07. Find us on social media for more content!

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