The Resident 4x03

‘The Resident’ 4×03 Review: “The Accidental Patient”

We know that we’ve said it a lot, and we will probably never stop saying it. Bell’s redemption story has been an incredible one to watch. We went from hating him to absolutely loving him! But we don’t think we can say the same for Cain. To be honest, we actually hope that this isn’t the start of a redemption arc for Cain’s character. But his accident and possible redemption aren’t the only crazy things happening at Chastain! So keep reading for The Resident 4×03 review!

Love and Boundaries

We are so excited for Nic and Conrad! But we also know that we’ve been given way too much good news with our couples this season. So there must be some bad news on the way. But in the meantime, we would be lying if we said we didn’t absolutely love seeing Conrad go into military badass mode when he thought he needed to protect Eva. And Conrad wasn’t the only one doing the protecting. AJ wasn’t about to tell Cain about Mina’s connection to the patient suing him. Because even though Mina and AJ set rules and boundaries in a hilarious scene, no way the two of them stick to any of those rules. They’re going to be there for each other and support one another no matter what. Whether or not they agree on any given situation.

The Resident 4x03

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Devon is certainly not on the happy train like the others. That man is struggling and it’s heartbreaking to watch everything he’s going through. His grief is weighing him down and that weight is only getting heavier with time. And losing a patient wasn’t helping his emotions any. But lashing out at Conrad, while understandable, definitely wasn’t the answer. They’ve been through too much together for Devon to shut Conrad out now.

Saving Chastain and Cain

Have we mentioned how much we love Bell’s redemption arc? Because hearing him talk about profits over patients is nothing new. But the side of it he now stands on certainly is. And we absolutely love it. More than we love Bell doing his best to save Chastain is that he’s confiding in and teaming up with Kit to do it. He trusts her and he knows that she won’t be afraid to tell him if what he’s doing is a bad idea. But the two of them also make a damn good team and they both clearly know it. It’s understandable why Mina would assume Bell was going back to his old ways but he really does have Chastain’s best interests at heart.

While we would call what happened to Cain irony, Kit is much better than that. And quite frankly, she’s a better person than Cain. Because, if the situation was reversed, we don’t think he would help Kit. So we loved when AJ called Cain out. He was the best one to do it. Because while AJ is confident, sometimes bordering on arrogant, he doesn’t treat others poorly. Or like they are beneath them as Cain does. Cain made it clear AJ’s speech went in one ear and out the other but we were still proud of him for saying what he did.

Good Deeds

Even though Cain is a huge jerk, worse even, it didn’t surprise us that he stopped to help with a car accident. Regardless of how he acts in his OR or to his colleagues, he is still a doctor and he still has the instincts. But we certainly weren’t holding our breath in hopes that this accident would humble Cain or change the way he treats those around him. And even if that were a possibility, we don’t really want it. We don’t know if we can take another redemption story. Besides, Cain has crossed the line way too many times with way too many characters. Sure, Bell was pretty bad at times but there is just something different about the way Cain has been. More sinister maybe. Either way, we don’t think it’s something we’ll have to worry about.

The Resident 4x03

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What did you think of The Resident 4×03? Do you think Cain deserves a redemption arc? Or do you think he needs to stay the villain? Do you think Cain is going to recover? If he does, will he be able to remain a surgeon? What did you think about Chastain being in danger once again? Will Bell and the rest of the team be able to find a way to save the hospital? Are you worried about Nic’s pregnancy? What did you think about the residents starting Cain’s surgery without Kit? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to let us know your thoughts on The Resident 4×03! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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