‘9-1-1’ Episode 4×02 Review: “Alone Together”

9-1-1 returned with a continuation of the season four premiere as the team prepared to save lives due to the mudslide. In “Alone Together,” it was up to Bobby, Hen, and Eddie to save some hikers while Chim and Buck searched for survivors. Meanwhile, May had quite a hectic first day as she learned what it took to work while knowing her mom was out there in danger.

Some awkward quicksand

Alone Together

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The first rescue of the day went to Bobby, Hen, and Eddie. After finding a trio of hikers, roommates who were exuding calmness (not), it got awkward real fast. Not only was one of them, Dylan, trapped in quicksand, he decided to admit he was in love with the girl his roommate was dating.

Fear of dying does some crazy things, but considering our three heroes were calm themselves, this definitely meant things were going to be awkward later. All you have to do is watch Hen’s face to see the best reaction. Her eyes told you everything you couldn’t see with her mask covering her mouth!

One creepy situation

Alone Together

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While searching for survivors, Chim and Buck talk about him becoming a dad. Chim is still nervous about going back to his home to be with Maddie. Buck, clearly wanting Chim to go back to his sister, is trying to encourage him to go. In the middle of working, they hear a baby’s cry and discover a baby monitor in the wreckage of the mudslide. Buck and Chim have always been good friends and now that they are connected as a family due to the baby, seeing them bond is even more special.

Buck is quick to come up with a solution to finding the baby. Since there is interference with Chim’s radio, Buck realizes they can use the interference with the monitor to track where the baby is. He had some amazing thinking here and we love to see Buck use his knowledge to work the case.

After a humorous moment of going down a chimney (hah!), Chim discovers that there are four young women being held captive. The deceased woman Chim finds has been holding them captive in an underground adoption ring. As the team comes together to help Buck rescue the girls, Chim is tasked with delivering a baby when one of them, April, goes into labor.

Some realizations

Chim works to keep the girl calm, finding out that April has been left all alone with no one there to support her during her pregnancy. Realizing this is exactly what Maddie is facing now, he knows what he must do, but first he helps April to find the strength she needs to deliver her baby.

In the midst of Chim helping April, we see Athena’s continued struggle with saving Sylvia. Unfortunately, rescue is having trouble finding them and in the middle of trying to get help, May’s emotions get the best of her when she hears her mom over dispatch. Maddie calmly tells May to go take a break. May has a lot to learn about being in dispatch and it’s natural for her to be worried and scared. Maddie is patient and kind as she reminds May they all have someone out there they are worried about. In her case, she has both her brother and the father of her child, likely at the forefront of her mind whenever she sees they are out on a call.

The 9-1-1 family helps family

Maddie was understanding towards May and made sure she is brought back to help finish the call. She could be a great role model for May to have as she learns the ins and outs of working in the call center.

Athena is eventually able to leave the house and use the police cruiser to alert a passing helicopter. Of course, who else is on board but her husband, Bobby?

Later, Michael brings Harry over so the family can have some time together. In a moment alone with her daughter, Athena brings up May dropping out of USC. She is still not thrilled with her working disparch and wants the best for her. May admits that she took on the job because she wants to be able to look out for her. It’s completely understandable how she feels. She just wants to make sure her mom is safe. We hope that in the end, this is the right decision for her and that she finds her place where she can make a difference.

Alone Together

Alone Together

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The end of the episode brought everyone together with their own families, showing us the units they all have now. With Chim returning home to Maddie, Albert moves in with Buck. This is sure to lead to some fun antics. Perhaps most importantly, we discover that Buck’s “COVID crush” is actually his therapist. Buck has been getting some help and keeping it to himself. He admits to keeping his true feelings to himself. What those feelings are we don’t know. Emotional? Romantic? Either way, he is getting the help he desperately needs and we’re so proud of him.

We also got to see a peek into Michael’s life with his new boyfriend, David. He is clearly one who dotes on his partner and it is so sweet to see them looking out for one another. In addition, we also got to see Hen, Karen, and their little girl, Nia. Nia stole the scene before Hen took to her zoom class for med school.

And one face we always love to see is Christopher. He got to have a storytime zoom session with Carla as Eddie fell asleep beside him. Carla is always a treasure to see and she looked absolutely gorgeous! We need more Carla in our lives. And Christopher, always Christopher.

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