Blue Bloods 11x01

‘Blue Bloods’ 11×01 Review: “Triumph Over Trauma”

The season eleven premiere found Danny and Maria in some serious trouble. But Joe and Jamie were bound and determined to help them out. Meanwhile, Frank goes up against Regina Thomas. A City Council speaker who is ready to go head to head with Frank. Then we had Eddie doing her best to help a woman find her father’s body. Things definitely haven’t slowed down any! So keep reading for our Blue Bloods 11×01 review!

Serious Trouble

It took no time at all for Danny and Maria to get into trouble. It also didn’t take much time before Jamie and Joe were getting involved in the search. And we did not doubt that if anyone was going to be able to track down Danny and Maria, it was going to be those two. But we were pretty worried about Maria. That shove down the stairs looked more than a little rough. We actually immediately felt a little bad for the person who did it. Because we knew that Danny was going to get them back for that. He’s not someone you want to cross. And hurting Maria? Yeah, that’s a pretty big line to cross. Luckily, they both stuck it out and Joe and Jamie were able to find them. We’re loving the glimpse into Joe’s detective skills! Unfortunately, it also means there is a serial killer on the loose.

Blue Bloods 11x01

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Usually, when Danny and Maria bicker, we find it charming. Definitely a bit funny. And it’s usually pretty harmless. But Maria seemed to feel that being trapped in a basement was as good a time as any to call Danny out on a few things. Not that she was wrong. But Danny and Erin butting heads is just kind of part of their relationship. Though Danny probably does take his family for granted a bit. Many of us do at times. Our hearts hurt for Maria and it was clear that Danny was deeply affected by her being injured as well. And we aren’t too proud to admit that watching them together had us tearing up just a little. Their scenes were just so freaking powerful and emotional. And then Danny brought her to family dinner! We were geeking out!

Family Problems

We really weren’t surprised about the way that Eddie responded to learning Jamie had spoken to her father. And we were even less surprised at her reaction about her father possibly being released. Eddie’s relationship with her father has always been rocky. And we’re sure it didn’t help that he went to Jamie. Sure, he knew that Eddie probably wouldn’t answer his phone call. But by him going to Jamie, it made it seem like he was just trying to start something between the two of them. Not that it was going to work. Jamie and Eddie have an incredible bond and we know that nothing and no one can ever come between them. They’re the definition of a power couple. And Eddie made us proud by saying that she would be at her father’s hearing.

It’s bad enough losing a family member, especially a parent. We can’t imagine what Anita was going through, being unable to find her father’s body. How the hell do you lose a body?! That’s terrible. We don’t blame Anita for getting more than a little agitated. She honestly did better at controlling herself than we probably would have. But we weren’t surprised that Eddie chose to step up and help her out. And we loved that Jamie took one look at her and knew exactly what she had done. These two know each other so well. Their relationship always makes us grin, no matter how small the moment between them may be.

Frank’s Next Big Battle

With Frank’s position, it’s expected that there is always going to be someone facing off with him. But we knew that things between Frank and Regina were going to be intense long before she walked into his office. One of the great things about Frank is that he has always done a pretty great job of dealing with those he’s in charge of when they’re in the wrong. But more than that, Frank has also always done a pretty good job of admitting when he’s wrong. Even if it takes him a bit to get there. And we’re sure that he and Regina will eventually be able to find common ground. We certainly didn’t expect Frank to attempt to resign as police commissioner! What?! We refused to accept it.

Blue Bloods 11x01

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What did you think of Blue Bloods 11×01? Were you happy to see Whoopi Goldberg join the Blue Bloods cast? Or were you less than impressed? There certainly seems to be some mixed opinions on the subject, that’s for sure! What about Jamie and Eddie? What do you think will come next for them? And what do you think about the relationships that Joe is forming with the Reagan family? How did the Danny and Maria situation have you feeling? Are we getting a multi-episode serial killer storyline? If we are, what do you think about it? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share all of your thoughts on Blue Bloods 11×01! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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