30 Days of Thanks 2020: ‘Bones’

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve rewatched Bones. It’s a phenomenal show and it will always be near and dear to our hearts. So we are more than happy to take this opportunity to discuss just some of the things we love about it. Especially the Thanksgiving episodes. Read on for today’s 30 Days of Thanks 2020 that’s all about our favorite Smithsonian team!

All of the Cases

Every episode of Bones was so satisfying to watch. Every case that Temperance and the team had come to them is cathartic. While we love to watch crime shows anyway, there’s just such a sense of closure that comes from watching Brennan and Booth get to the bottom of their mysteries. Maybe it’s because we are watching things more from Brennan’s point of view. And even when we didn’t always understand the terms she used, which was most of the time, we were still grateful for Temperance Brennan. Plus, we got to learn a lot of really cool things along the way.


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It isn’t from Seely’s cop point of view. Brennan really gets in tune with the victims that she comes across, as do the rest of the Squints. When Angela is able to show us exactly what their faces looked like before they were brought to the lab, we understand the connection that she builds with them. Because as the episodes go on, we start to build that connection with the victim as a character as well.

Taking the Bad Guy Down

But we can’t deny that we also love watching Booth take down the bad guys. That’s because of the connection we’ve built up with all of them through all the different processes the team goes through. Each member of the team plays an integral part in not only identifying who the victim is and what killed them, but who they were before they were a victim. And we love the way they worked together so amazingly. It makes them one of our favorite television families ever. And one we will always be thankful for.

Because who each person was before they were killed plays such a vital part in not only bringing them justice but also bringing their families closure. And Bones really knew how to bring the feels every single time they brought a loved one closure about what happened to the member of their family or their close friend. We’re always going to be grateful for how amazing of an agent Booth was. And how great of a partner Brennan was to him. We’ll also always be grateful for their relationship and that we got to watch them go through such a beautiful journey.

Always a Family

One of the things we’re extremely grateful for when it comes to Bones is the sense of family that it gives us. These people come together and face tragedy every day. But that tragedy also gives them a purpose. And everything they do for each victim, they do together. So when we get to see them celebrate holidays together, we really feel that sense of family. Because at the end of the day, that’s what was at the heart of this show and what was between every character. Family. So the episodes that focus on those get-togethers will always be our favorites. Also, the meals they share always look freaking delicious.


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Were you a major fan of Bones? What about their Thanksgiving episodes? Are they some of your favorites too? Or did you prefer other holiday episodes? Will any of the holiday episodes be on your Thanksgiving watchlist? What about your Christmas watchlist? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to discuss what you loved about Bones and what some of your favorite episodes were! Also check out our site for more articles, quizzes, podcasts, and more on all of your favorite shows and all things Disney and beyond!

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