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30 Days of Thanks 2020: ‘The Goldbergs’

We love The Goldbergs for so many reasons. Each character is easy to relate to individually and the entire family as a whole as well. And they’re fun. So much fun! And we love their holiday episodes. Especially the Thanksgiving ones! So let’s take today’s 30 Days of Thanks and make it all about The Goldbergs!

Thanksgiving Gatherings

Beverly loves any excuse to get the family together. And what better excuse than Thanksgiving? Beverly also loves to go overboard and we love to see it. Except for that one year when she swore that she absolutely was not going to go overboard for Thanksgiving. We kind of love it when she goes overboard! It’s always fun to watch, especially when Bev ends up being right about things all along.

The Goldbergs

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What we also love about these family gatherings for Thanksgiving are the characters we get to see. From Uncle Marvin to pops, and every other family member and neighbor that pops in! Marvin always has some new scheme that he’s working on and dragging the other members of the family into. Which never fails to have us cracking up.

A Fun and Exciting Time

One of the things we love the most about The Goldbergs is the fact that it’s set in the ’80s. Who doesn’t love the ’80s?! Because we definitely do. And it’s just one part of what makes this series so fun to watch. Kids playing outside and riding their bikes around town. Which definitely takes us back

But even more than that is the video game and recording systems! Because those really take us back. And it’s so much fun watching Adam and the others thriving in all of the ’80s had to offer. While we obviously love and use technology on a daily basis, it is nice to watch a time when none of that existed. And we’re grateful to this show for showing us that time and bringing us into that world to have fun with this family.

Thanksgivings to Come

We’ve been given the gift of The Goldbergs since 2013 and we’re so grateful that we continue being able to enjoy this show and this family. And we hope that we will be able to enjoy them for years to come. We need some more holiday episodes and to continue watching Barry, Erica, and Adam grow up! Because that’s something else we’re grateful for. We love watching the experience and reliving some of the things we went through when we were younger when we watch Adam and his family.

The Goldbergs

Image via ABC

What do you think of The Goldbergs? What about the Thanksgiving and other holiday episodes? Will you be adding any of the Thanksgiving-themed episodes to your watchlist this Turkey Day? Or do you have other traditions for what you and your family watch together? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to tell us all your thoughts on The Goldbergs and let us know what your Thanksgiving traditions are with your families! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles, podcasts, quizzes, and more on all things Disney and beyond!

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