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‘Chicago PD’ 8×02 Review: “White Knuckle”

We’re going to need everyone to stop messing with Kevin. Seriously. But anyone who really wants to is doing so at their own risk. Because the intelligence unit isn’t going to stand for it. Then we had Miller and Voight continuing to go head to head. And we’re still not so sure which side of that we’re going to be standing on. Also, is anyone going to talk about Vanessa? Ever? Is her position going to be replaced? At least our case of the week had us intrigued! Things were all over the place on that one! So read on for our Chicago PD 8×02 review!

Guilty or Not Guilty

We almost can’t believe that we are saying this. But we are happy about the way Voight handled this case. We know. It’s crazy. We truly are shocked about it ourselves. Voight has never been one to take the easy way out, but he also isn’t really known for his compassion. And he seemed to be showing a lot of that in this episode and with this case. We don’t want to say that we’re proud of him. But we were kind of proud of him. Do we think that this new side of him will stick, though? It is Voight, so the chances are good that sooner or later he’s going to go back to his old ways. Which means he’ll go back to frustrating us at every turn.

Chicago PD 8x02

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But when it came to this case, Voight seemed more determined than usual to find the truly guilty party. And for the right reasons on top of that. And we think that helped to promote the rest of the unit to feel more motivated than ever. Whether they agree with him or not, each member of the unit has always proven themselves to be ultimately loyal. They will follow Voight and his lead. So we think he needs to take this approach to cases more often. Have we mentioned that we don’t know what to do without yelling and screaming Voight? Because we do not know what to do.

Leave Kevin Alone

We really just needed the abuse on Kevin to stop. The man is legit the least problematic character. And the fact that he was facing all of this bullshit had us ready to snap. Actually, we think we may have already snapped. Instead of Voight going back and forth, we really needed for him to go back to his old ways real quick. Yes, we’re aware that on any other occasion we are the first to call him out and say that we hope he gets fired for all the crap he has pulled. But if there was ever a time for Voight to go full force into his shady ways, that time was now. So he’s either with Kevin or not. And if he is, we’re going to need him to go scary Voight, like yesterday. Luckily, he stated that he was with Kevin. So that’s something. And maybe Kevin didn’t need scary Voight in the end. Or at least not yet.

In any job you work, it doesn’t really matter if you like someone or not. You need to be able to work with them. As a team. This is even more fundamental when it comes to positions as we have in the One Chicago universe. Doctors, firefighters, and law enforcement. When you get a call that a member of your team needs help, you freaking go. The fact that the intelligence unit’s calls were being ignored was so far over the line, we lost sight of it about ten miles back. Kevin made us so proud of the way he handled things. And we really hope this is the end of it. It better be the end of it.

One Unit, One Team, One Family

When it comes down to it, as long as this unit has one another, they don’t need anyone’s help. They each bring amazing skills and assets to the table and they know how to use them. So while it sucks that they had to handle the situation on their own when they could have used backup, we know they’ve got this. They would have caught their suspect sooner, and this isn’t the first time patrol has pulled this crap. But our unit wasn’t going to let that slow them down. They do it together like the family they are. Screw everyone else. They can handle their business. And they did. Like the elite team of badasses they are.

Chicago PD 8x02

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Are you as done with what’s happening to Kevin as we are? How do you think the situation is going to end? Have we seen the end of it? Do you think we’re ever going to hear about Vanessa or where she went? What about someone filling her spot in the unit? What did you think about patrol not responding to the call for backup? Did you freak out when Adam got shot? What did you think about how Kim reacted to Adam taking a hit? Both when he got shot and when Kevin hit him with that hook. Share your thoughts on Chicago PD 8×02 with us on Twitter @capeandcastle! And don’t forget to check out our site for more articles on One Chicago! Plus all things Disney and beyond!

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