30 Days of Thanks 2020: ‘NCIS’

There have been so many Thanksgiving episodes on NCIS! We love them! And we love that the gang gets to spend them together. And sometimes they even get to spend them together over dinner and not working a case. Those ones may be our favorites. But you may have learned by now that we just love holiday episodes of shows in general! So let’s talk about NCIS Thanksgivings!

Amazing Looking Dinners

We know that our team has many skills. All of them bring something to the table (ha!) and are badass in their own rights. But we didn’t know how delicious of a spread they could create. Wow! Every time we get to see them lay out a Thanksgiving dinner, we find our mouths watering! In reality, we have no idea how good it tastes or if the cast actually eats the food. But it does make for quite an impressive display and it always manages to get us into the Thanksgiving spirit.


Image via CBS

Okay, so we say they. But the credit really needs to go to Ducky. We included a picture of that beautiful turkey for reference, because honestly? Look at that thing! Gibbs does get some credit though. Even though this episode had him responsible for the rolls and he was only able to deliver random packaged chips and whatnot. Hey, he tried. And the most important thing is that he made it to the dinner and our crew was able to celebrate Thanksgiving like the family they are.

Always Together

Even if our team isn’t able to enjoy a lovely turkey dinner together, they are still together. Solving crimes and catching the bad guys. That still counts as bonding and spending the holiday together. But, naturally, we do love it so much more when there is dinner involved. And it isn’t just because they manage to make us hungry. It’s just the point that they always find a way to be together no matter what is going on around them. That’s what’s important.

But it is always nice when we get to see the team have some downtime. Even better when it’s outside of the office and when they aren’t working in the field. Which is a lot rarer than we realize. The case of the week is obviously the focus of the episode and the show, but downtime is always fun to see as well. And maybe we cherish it even more because we don’t get to see it in every episode.

Family Changes

The NCIS family has seen a lot of changes over the years and not all of them were easy to adjust to. Especially if a character was dead, or thought to be dead as the case may be. But over time we have learned to love every member of this family, past and present. And we love to see them bonding and we love to learn new things about the younger and newer members. And we all know holidays are a great time for that. The Thanksgiving episodes never fail to warm our hearts and have us appreciating not only this show, but each individual character.


Image via CBS

What did you think of the NCIS Thanksgiving episodes? Do you have a favorite? Or what about a favorite season in general? Will any of the Thanksgiving-themed NCIS episodes be on your Thanksgiving watchlist? If so, be sure to let us know which ones and why! Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share all of your Thanksgiving and NCIS thoughts! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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  • Kae

    Although I haven’t watched consistently since Ziva left, the NCIS family will always be one of my favorites! I find Gibbs’ style of “cooking” comical and so wish I could have been at the table with the gang. Tiva banter, Ducky telling all sorts of stories, and all the other bits of camaraderie that came with that group.

    I’d love to get a GIANT Thanksgiving with all of them and their families – Delilah and the twins, Breena and Victoria, heck, maybe even Tony, Ziva, and Tali could join!


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