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30 Days of Thanks 2020: ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Halloween is officially over, and you know what that means! It’s time for our annual 30 Days of Thanks event! But this time around, we’re talking about our favorite shows and their Thanksgiving episodes. And what better way to kick it off than with a discussion about one of our favorite shows? Bob’s Burgers never fails to bring us holiday-themed episodes, and the Thanksgiving ones are some of our favorites! So keep reading for why we love them!

Food Talks

Bob truly has an appreciation for food, which is only part of what makes him such a great chef. But Bob more than appreciates food. He always seems to form a special bond with it, especially when it comes to his Thanksgiving turkey. And it’s become a bit of a tradition that we love to enjoy. Almost as much as Bob seems to! We kicked the tradition off in season three with “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal” where the Belcher clan agrees to pose as Fischoeder’s family so he can get back an old flame.

'Bob's Burgers'

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Bob is supposed to pose as the family’s cook and decides to pass the time by getting into some absynthe. Hallucinations ensue, Bob becomes best friends with and loses his Thanksgiving turkey he named Lance. The children compete to see who can be the best child to Fischoeder, and shots are fired. We definitely recommend checking this one out!

Continuing Traditions

Once we got the first Thanksgiving-themed episode of Bob’s Burgers, we expected to get one every season after. And we have never been disappointed since! Bob’s Burgers never fails to deliver a holiday episode that has us laughing. And enjoying it with the rest of the family. But more than that, we’re gifted each year with an episode that shows us just how much we relate to the Belcher clan.

From the season four episode, “Turkey in a Can” where we feel the nostalgia of potty training a kid, to season five’s “Dawn of the Peck” where we all relate to getting drunk and listening to Donna Summer. We can’t be the only ones to have done that. Can we? The similarities continue with “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled” in season six as we all know the struggle of dealing with in-laws. Especially during the holidays. “The Quirk-Ducers” of season seven had us remembering how great it was to enjoy school vacations, while season eight’s “Thanks-Hoarding” gave us a great life lesson about being okay with who we are. Kind of.

The Songs

This is a show that’s known for it’s incredible and unique songs. We love them all, but we can’t say we love them all equally. Because when the holiday songs start coming around, we find those ones tend to get stuck in our heads just a bit more than the rest. Season nine’s episode, “I Bob Your Pardon”, doesn’t have their unique song about saving the bird until the end, but it’s a pop-like number that always gets us dancing. The most recent Thanksgiving episode, season ten’s “Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas”, graced us with Bob singing to his turkey, Popcorn. We also got Linda singing about an egg carton turtle and Bob closing out the episode singing from a Riverbrook Lake Farms label. Yeah, this was a memorable one.

Bob's Burgers

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What’s your favorite Thanksgiving-themed Bob’s Burgers episode? Are you as excited as we are to watch this year’s episode?  Find and follow us @capeandcastle to join our 30 Days of Thanks celebration and to discuss all things Bob’s Burgers! Be sure to also check out our site for more 30 Days of Thanks articles and stay with us as we publish a new one daily, all November long!

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