L.A.'s Finest 1x02 Review

‘L.A.’s Finest’ 1×02 Review: “Defiance”

This episode was as thrilling as the last! And it found Nancy’s past being revealed. On top of that, there was a killer running around. Attempting to get girls to isolate themselves somewhere with him before live-streaming the murders. We also had Dante introducing himself to Patrick, and Vaughn introducing himself as Sydney’s father at the precinct. There was certainly a lot going on. So keep reading for our L.A.’s Finest 1×02 review!

No More Secrets

While Syd didn’t come right out and tell McKenna that she torched the club, she didn’t lie. When McKenna asked her flat out if she did it, Syd gave it to her straight. Which is honestly more than we can say for Nancy at the beginning of this episode. Syd asked Nancy what she knew about Ray Sherman and Nancy looked right at her and said she didn’t know anything. And Syd knew damn well she was lying and called her out on it, and Nancy still lied. But what really had us annoyed was that that was when McKenna decided to bring up the agreement she and Sydney made about no more secrets between one another. She had to know that Sydney wasn’t going to let it go. She doesn’t let anything go. Especially when it comes to her partner. Even at the end when Syd confronted her, Nancy acted like she wouldn’t understand. And we were left a bit shellshocked at that. We don’t think there is much Sydney doesn’t understand.

'L.A.'s Finest' 1x02 Review

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But Sydney certainly isn’t blameless. We know a bit about how reckless she is from Bad Boys II, but she seems to be taking things even further these days. In just two episodes, we have already lost count of all the reckless moves and decisions she has made. Which is just going to make things between her and McKenna that much more difficult. These two make an amazing team and their partnership is incredible. But if they can’t get on the same page sometime soon, one or both of them are going to end up hurt. They need to sit down and tell one another everything. Make real on that agreement not to have any more secrets between them. That’s the only way we see things between them getting better.

Viral Killing

Nancy, Sid, and the Bens certainly took care of business with their case of the week. But we have to admit that we would have liked to see a bit more about it. Sure, we heard this kid shouting that he felt the women deserved it, but we definitely would have been okay with seeing the detectives interrogate him and get more about his motives. Maybe that’s just us. There just didn’t seem to be as much buildup as we expected. Though we know there are a lot bigger things going on, we just felt this should have been explored a bit deeper. Like Isabel and her strange fascination with death. That seemed kind of random.

We know this is a group of great detectives. But it literally took them no time to figure out who the killer was and grab him. Sure, he was young and apparently wasn’t extremely intelligent. But still. Granted, the Bens didn’t get much screen time so they could have been doing case solving in the background and given Syd and McKenna info to help them further move it along and then just acted as a team to tie things up nicely. That’s probably the answer we’ll go with to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Difficult People

While it kind of sucks that Nancy has to deal with Ray and Dante bringing her past to light, we have to be honest. We’re glad it’s backing her in a corner enough to where she might tell Syd everything sooner rather than later. Plus, we do have a better understanding of her and how she, Dante, and Ray are all connected. Nancy didn’t have the best home life and we have no doubts that anything she did when she was younger was to ensure the safety of her brother Nico, and herself. That, or it was just typical teenage rebellious behavior. If anyone was going to be accepting of that, it’s going to be Sydney. Speaking of Syd, she just may have someone causing trouble for her and bringing her past to light as well. Jason Calloway seems a little too interested in Syd, her past, and her connections for our comfort. We have a feeling that he’s going to become a pretty big problem.

L.A.'s Finest 1x02 Review

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Do you think Nancy will tell Sydney the truth about her past? How does Jason Calloway fit into the picture and what do you think he wants from Syd? We’re sure McKenna’s past is going to continue catching up with her, but what do you think the consequences are going to be? What did you think of this episode? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to discuss all things L.A.’s Finest! Be sure to check out our site for more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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