Why We’ll Miss ‘Chicago Fire’s’ Emily Foster

A new season of Chicago Fire is underway with filming set to begin on October 6th. With the new season comes a new partner for Sylvie Brett and, while I’m looking forward to meeting Adriyan Rae’s Gianna Mackey, I’m not ready to say goodbye to Annie Ilonzeh’s Emily Foster quite yet.

Here’s a few reasons why Emily Foster will forever be one of my favorite One Chicago women.

Foster’s Inspiring Strength

I know this seems vague, but from the first episode I loved how strong Foster clearly was. You could tell was a woman who knew herself and her talents. I loved meeting a female character so self assured and confident. Emily Foster kicked ass and she knew it. No one was going to make her doubt herself.

Foster’s Wit and Humor

Dry and blunt and sarcastic as hell. Foster had some truly epic one liners and killer facial expressions. She never held back with anyone, especially the guys in the house. She gave as good as she got and never failed to amuse me.

The Way Foster Supported Her Friends

We saw this with many people in the house. Otis, Severide, Cruz. Emily was a sturdy shoulder to lean on and a great listener. She came through for you in a pinch in a way that was brutally honest yet still full of warmth and concern. It was a tricky combination that Ilonzeh as Foster always handled brilliantly.

The Way Foster Supported Women

Yes, the women of 51 had their fights but every time they ended with honesty and understanding. These three women balanced each other out so incredibly well. Sylvie sees the good in the world, Emily and Stella see the realities. Stella gets worked up and upset, Emily and Sylvie offer their cool head and understanding heart, respectively. Foster tries to handle her problems on her own, Brett and Kidd reach through her walls and help her.

It was the perfect circle of support and accountability. In my opinion, Sylvie, Emily, and Stella had the most well written and accurately depicted female friendship in the entire One Chicago universe.

I will miss seeing the Foster, Brett, and Kidd bond most of all.

We Could Have Had It All

Are there things that Chicago Fire could have done better with Emily Foster? Of course there are. There are many things I wish I could have seen. I wish Foster’s sexuality was included and discussed differently or that we’d gotten more background on her. I wanted the powers that be to give Annie Ilonzeh her own central plot in at least one episode last season. But is any of that going to prevent me from missing Foster with all my heart? Absolutely not.

A Fond Farewell

After we found out Annie Ilonzeh wouldn’t be returning, I went back and watched that last scene with Foster and Brett and I cried. I truly did. Emily and Sylvie have a very special bond and Foster is one of the best paramedics 51 has ever had. Like Brett with Foster, I hate to see Ilonzeh go but I wish her all the best.

So, thank you, Annie, for giving us two wonderful seasons of a fearless, ballsy, and compassionate character that I will never forget.

What are your favorite memories of Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster? Stop by our Twitter and let us know! We can’t wait to reminisce! Also, if you’re looking for more articles on Chicago Fire or the rest of the One Chicago universe check out our site!

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