‘Ladies’ Night at Molly’s’, Ep. 2.5: ‘Chicago P.D.’, S1 – Linstead / Burzek

Well, surprise, surprise! We have another episode of Ladies’ Night at Molly’s for you this month!

Christine and Kim are so much into Chicago P.D. that they couldn’t wait until next month to record with Sarah C. and Logan — so, ahead of their third episode of Ladies’ Night at Molly’s, they decided on a bonus episode!

In episode 2.5 of Ladies’ Night at Molly’s, Christine and Kim fangirl for close to two hours over their respective OTPs, “Linstead” (Erin Lindsay and Jay Halstead) and “Burzek” (Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek), and their storylines in season one! (Trust them when they say that they would’ve gone two more hours if they could’ve!)

What were their favorite Linstead / Burzek moments, you ask? Well, there was this one:

As well as this one:

But, they couldn’t/wouldn’t choose just one moment each per ship. Just, hear them out below:

No video was recorded for this episode; however, rest assured that they’ll be back on YouTube in time for next month’s episode of Ladies’ Night at Molly’s!

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