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Quiz: Which TVD Character Would Kill You? (but chances are you’d get resurrected at some point)

The one TVD quiz that actually makes a lot of sense

It is no secret that Mystic Falls is a pretty unsafe area, due to being the capital of supernatural activity and pilgrimage destination for any respectable demon in search of fresh blood (to drink or sacrifice).

I’m sure it is written in the town records that a person moving to Mystic Falls sees their life expectancy collapse dangerously by half (on a good day). And keep in mind the stats kept on decreasing over the seasons — big, big drop after the Mikaelsons arrived in town. I mean, didn’t half the fandom congratulate Matt Donovan for making it to the finale alive, while the other half grumbled about how unrealistic that was?

Besides, look at The Vampire Diaries characters: 100% of them saw the end of the tunnel…at least once. What made him somewhat acceptable is that more than half of them came back from the dead eventually. Sure, some of them had it easy and came back 10 minutes later (thanks to the ring). But for most of them, it was permanent.

And don’t get me started on the friendly waitress or the passerby on his nocturnal search for coffee who paid the price for being human (and a minor character).

What about your chances?

Which takes us to you, dear reader. If you were reckless enough to U-haul yourself to Mystic Falls, what would be your chances of survival? In good faith, close to null. And this is why we put together this quiz infused with the true spirit of The Vampire Diaries.

Damon Salvatore, Klaus Mikaelson, Katherine Pierce and so many other characters one could cross path with to meet their Fate…often for the most random reason.

Check below if you dare and find out how you would meet your fate in you were a character on The Vampire Diaries. But brace yourself, if you made the right connections beforehand, chances are you would be brought back to life. To die again a little later. And you got the drill. This is the TVD’s cruel circle of life.

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Quiz: Which TVD Character Would Kill You? (but chances are you’d get resurrected at some point)

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