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Actor Appreciation: Courteney Cox

The news of Scream 5 has been out for a little bit now, but the news of Courteney Cox reprising her role as Gale Weathers just came out! And we are excited! Like, beyond excited. Are the movies in the Scream franchise a little on the corny side? They sure are. But it’s one of the many reasons we love them. Another reason is the presence of Courteney Cox. She has brought us so many amazing characters over the years and that’s why we are aiming our actor appreciation at her this time around!

Friends, Scream, Cougar Town, and Beyond

So many people know Courteney Cox from Friends. Or that’s at least the first thing they think of when someone mentions her name. Her relationship with Chandler was epic and is the kind of story love songs are written about. While we loved Monica as much as any Friends fan, we can’t help but immediately think of a few of Courteney’s other projects and characters when we hear her name. One of those is the Scream franchise. That’s one of our all-time favorite slasher franchises. Like, ever. And what Courteney brought to the character of Gale Weathers? Magnificent. When we first met her character, we didn’t like her. At all. We hoped once or twice that she was going to be a Ghostface victim. Believe us, we regret it.

Courteney Cox

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But Courteney just had a way of making you love and hate Gale at the same time. Then, as time went on, and we saw the chemistry between Gale and Dewey, we were hooked. Hooked, we tell you. Sometimes we get so caught up in the love story between Dewey and Gale that we forget we’re watching a slasher film. Then we had Cougar Town, which was amazing and we could have watched for six more seasons. Or more. But that isn’t the only gem Courteney Cox has brought our way. We also had the pleasure of Dirt, another shortlived series. It seems like regardless of how long or short the shows she is in are, Courteney is always working on at least one other project. What a boss.

Big and Small Screen

Courteney Cox has made an impressive name for herself and has a healthy mix of big and small screen appearances. On top of the Scream franchise and main roles in several shows, Courteney has also had appearances in some of our other favorites. That includes an episode of Modern Family, an episode of Shameless, an episode of Private Practice, and so many more. She has graced our screens for years while looking fabulous in every character she makes us fall for. Because we do have to take a moment to talk about how fashionable Courteney’s characters always are. She’s always looking fierce and when she walks into a room it’s immediately clear that whatever character she’s playing, it isn’t one you’re going to want to mess with.

As far as the big screen, Courteney has been in TV movies and major blockbusters. While uncredited, she did appear in Adam Sandler’s The Longest Yard, she also gave us laughs in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. She made another appearance with Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories and Courteney also appeared and directed the made for TV movie, TalhotBlond. That one was a far cry from comedy, but it was also wildly impressive and had us hooked from start to finish. But Courteney has always made it clear that she’s versatile and can not only handle every role she takes, but she owns it and knocks it out of the park every single time.

She’s Not Done Yet

Courteney Cox has kept us entertained since the ’80s and she isn’t even close to stopping. And why should she? Her talent is immeasurable. She has made forays into directing, producing, writing, and even been a performer on soundtracks over the years. Powerhouse is an accurate word to describe her. Courteney has supported thirty-four charities and foundations over the years, along with twenty-five different causes. If that isn’t impressive enough, she also not only signed a pair of shoes for the Stuart Weitzman charity shoe auction for ovarian cancer awareness and research but she designed them as well! We can’t wait to see what projects, film and otherwise, Courteney Cox brings to us in the future!

Courteney Cox

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Which role of Courteney Cox’s was your favorite? Are there projects of hers coming up that you’re extremely excited about? Are you as impressed by her career as we are? Be sure to find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join in on the conversation all about Courteney Cox and how wonderful we think she is. Plus, we would love to talk about all things Scream and how excited we are for the next installment in the franchise! More than that, our excitement over Courteney reprising her role as Gale! Be sure to also check out our site for even more articles on all things Disney and beyond!

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