Female AF Podcast, Episode 1: Time’s Up & Dissenting Opinion 2020

From the pop culture that we absolutely love to binge, to the every day impact that politics has on all of us, we’re here to be loud, proud and unabashedly Female As Fuck.

Listen as Cape & Castle Editor-in-Chief Christine Cenon and Contributor Kim Kurzatkowski host the first episode of the Female AF podcast! On a monthly basis, they will be discussing political issues that are near and dear to them and how they directly affect some of their pop culture favorites.

Here’s a quick look at some of what we cover in this month’s conversation:

  • The fandom that brought us together as friends (One Chicago);
  • The Time’s Up movement;
  • Hollywood’s sexual scandals;
  • Fiction vs. real life (e.g., Chicago P.D.‘s “Linstead” vs. Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer);
  • The 2020 SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical contract and the countering Dissenting Opinion campaign;

… and more!

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Pitch us ideas for future Female AF episodes! Tweet Christine at @christinecenon, or simply just comment below! Let us know what you thought of our episode, too! Until next month!

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  • Amber

    Ahhhh amazing!! Loved it!!

    • Christine Cenon

      Thank you!!


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