Ship Spotlight: Celebrating ‘Shadowhunter’s’ Sizzy

For this edition of Ship Spotlight, I wanted to talk to you about Sizzy, the ship making up Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) and Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) from the Freeform series Shadowhunters. Now, I know what you’re going to say. This couple did not get enough time in the entire series and only got together just before the finale. Yes, we are aware they got jipped and we’re still mad about it. But we still wanted to talk about how much this ship means to us and what we love about them.




Sizzy connection

From the get-go, Simon was immediately struck practically speechless by Isabelle’s beauty. At the time, he was still hardcore crushing on his best friend Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara). But fans of the book know these two were meant to be and would get there. Eventually. They did not get to have as many scenes together to showcase their eventual burgeoning relationship. Slowly through the course of three seasons, we did see them connecting. Even though it took a while, there were still some cute moments between them.

For instance, Isabelle was the one to rescue Simon when he was kidnapped in the first season and she also went to him for advice about planning a bachelor party for her brother, Alec (Matthew Daddario). Eventually, their friendship continued to grow and it was clear something was brewing.




Bonds forged

In the latter half of season three, when Simon goes to the Seelie Queen in order to be rid of the Mark of Cain, it very nearly kills him. In order to save him, Isabelle offers her blood, knowing this could trigger a relapse from her addiction to yin fen. Their friendship and attraction to one another continue to grow until they finally share a kiss.

Unfortunately, at this point, Isabelle has been exposed to Heavenly Fire and Simon can’t touch her or he will die. Cue some sort of forbidden touch trope and this was Simon and Izzy. Once cured, they did not waste time consummating their new relationship and proving what a hot couple they could be.

It was clear that had the show not been canceled abruptly, their romance would have been a focus on season four. Despite the fact it had to be rushed, knowing they do eventually get together is something fans were hoping for.




What I like the most about the time it took for Simon and Izzy to get together as they both were able to grow as characters before finding one another. For his part, Simon not only dealt with becoming a vampire, but he was also learning how to settle into the Shadow World in addition to having dated his friend, Clary, and Maya Roberts (Alisha Wainwright). Before he could be Izzy’s partner, it was important for him to really come into his own and find out how to not only navigate his new world, but how to reconcile a past he still wanted to maintain.

Izzy also had her own development, as well. Along with finding her place in her growth as a Shadowhunter and within the Institute, she also dealt with an addiction that could have destroyed her. However, with the support of her family, she was able to rise above it and find her strength. They both became stronger on their own before finding strength with one another.




They needed more time

This is one of the many reasons the show’s cancellation hurt so much. We did not get to spend enough time with Sizzy. We didn’t get to see them navigating a new relationship, especially in light of new jobs. Izzy took over Alec’s job as Head of the New York Institute while Simon took on a role as Downworld Deputy. However, it is clear that by the series’ end scene, they are deeply in love. They are there for each other when needed as they were before.

If the show were to ever be brought back, and I know it’s a big ‘if,’ it would be great to see them on screen together again. Simon and Isabelle work well together and seeing how they navigated their relationship would be fun to see. Plus, how would they handle the immortality issue that also plagued her brother, Alec, and his husband, Magnus Bane? So many possibilities, but we know they can get through anything together.

These are just some of the reasons we wanted to spotlight Sizzy. They had a growing connection that came about once both characters developed individually. In addition, their romance may not have been given the time it deserved, but knowing they got there makes my shipper heart squeal.

There are plenty more ships out there that we love to see! Make sure to check out the rest of the Ship Spotlight articles on Cape & Castle to see why these couples stole our hearts.

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