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Cape & Castle turns 1: a look back and what’s on the horizon

When Christine started the Cape & Castle journey, she was looking to create a space devoted to Disney. Things naturally kicked off with Captain America and Black Widow. As the team began to grow, the site did as well. And with growing, came some major changes! 

Things weren’t just about Disney anymore, they were about Disney and all things beyond. More movies and shows were added along with article series such as Ship Spotlights, Fandom Flashbacks, and Quaranstreams. As the year went on, more and more things were being brought in. The next year is going to bring us even more awesome article series, book reviews, game reviews, and plenty of other new adventures! 

How we became a triumvirate

Christine Cenon: For half of one year, I was running this baby on my own. While both Sarah C. and Sarah B. were already my right hands from the start, their constant and tireless devotion to our website, as well as how fluid and organic we were as a team, made the decision to up both of them to co-founder, all the more easy. Cape & Castle may have been initiated and developed by me, but if it wasn’t for both of my Sarahs, the website wouldn’t be as rich and full and busy, as it is today. Their individual talents and their hearts are what makes Cape & Castle what it is: an entertainment website, on things that we love, curated from passion.

Sarah Cudlipp: I was so honored to be a part of Cape & Castle. I love writing about TV and did my best to stretch the definition of Disney coverage to as many shows possible. Becoming a co-founder has been one of the most incredible journeys I’ve ever experienced and I find myself constantly shaking my head in awe at the fact that Christine and Sarah are my partners. They’re both so incredibly talented. New article series and different ideas are constantly being formed and discussed. The three of us work like a well-oiled machine and we all feel such respect for each other and our team of writers. Encouraging creativity and new ideas from each of them bring us together in incredible ways. 

Sarah Baye: When Christine asked if I wanted to be a part of the Cape & Castle adventure, I immediately jumped in. I mean, shamelessly writing about Disney and Marvel, working with my dear friend Christine (and bossing people around) — sign me right the heck up! After that, C&C became our baby and let me tell you, Christine, Sarah and I have been committed parents. 

What I like most is how the three of us share the same outlook while adding our own individual touch into it. Like a painting made of a cohesive color palette. Every time one of us comes up with a new series, the other two are just like “Yeah! And how about…?” and what was an awesome idea becomes a super awesome project. 

What our future holds

CC: From the start, both the face and the content of the website has been ever-changing. While the focus of the website has always been on movies and television shows, we’ve also dabbled with travel, sports, food and celebrity and, for a minute, provided authors with an alternate host for their fan fiction. As we turn one, and as we get older, we look forward to opening the website up to other avenues (e.g., beauty, books, fashion, gaming, social justice), while maintaining what we already have and expanding it further than we could ever imagine.

SC: The possibilities were endless even before the decision was made to open up the site not only to non-Disney projects but to other forms of entertainment as well. I’m so excited about all of the things that are coming in this next year. The book reviews and lists, the video game articles, the podcasts, and all the new series and quizzes that are on the horizon. Our first year has been absolutely incredible and so rewarding. But the next year, and all of the years after, are looking even better! And I can’t wait for you all to see it!

SB: With the website expanding to all entertainment forms (but trust Christine to come up with more stuff to unlock), the options are thrillingly bottomless! As Sarah mentioned above, I’m very excited about our new book review and I also look forward to the lifestyle filling up with new recipes, fashion articles, and more! I’m also very eager to include even more exclusive interviews to highlight the entertainment news side of Cape & Castle

Our thanks

CC: Apart from my never-ending, daily thank yous to both of my Sarahs, I want to thank the rest of the team for their individual contributions, for without them, this website would not be complete. To our current contributors, Amy, Brandy, Kat, Elizabeth, Meredith, Raquel, Rose and Veronica; to our previous contributors, Alissa and Lindsey; and to our contributors who, in the very near future, will be providing us kick-ass content, Allison and DJ; thank you all, so much, for everything. To our visitors/readers, we wouldn’t continue to do what we do without you! Your support is what keeps us up and running!

SC: Naturally, my thanks go to Christine and Sarah for being so kickass and supportive. But I also want to thank all of our writers for helping us on this journey! And, of course, the fans that always share the shit out of our articles and offer their unwavering support to us and Cape & Castle. It’s been an amazing first year and things are only going up from here!

SB: I’d like to thank Christine and Sarah for making this journey a fun and exciting one — this website is what it is because of you two. My thanks also go to our eclectic team of writers for completing the Cape & Castle family! I can’t believe it’s been a year already and it’s only the beginning! With ever so great pens and brains, sky’s the limit!

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