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‘Hamilton’ Now Streaming on Disney+

After being told for months…years, to “wait for it,” the wait is officially over! Hamilton is now available to stream on Disney+. There were so many great things about this production that we really can’t pick our favorite, but let’s try!

Use of Music


We all knew that this show was going to have some pretty amazing music. I mean…Lin-Manuel Miranda — enough said. However, the fact that the entire script is set to music with no breaks is a pretty unique storytelling device. It’s a fun way to keep the audience engaged the entire time!

Revolving Stage


Another display of creativity is the stage that works for the actors! The revolving stage of the Hamilton set is a great use of space that makes the viewer believe that they are actually moving around through different scenes



The fact that Hamilton reuses the cast members to play multiple characters throughout the play, just shows the versatility and talent of these actors.

The cast! Honestly, even if you were a fan of the songs without ever watching the production, it does no justice to the heart and soul that these actors put into the show! It adds a whole new level of appreciation for the story.

Favorite Characters


For some reason, I find it amusing that my favorite characters are actually supporting roles. Hercules Mulligan is basically a revolutionary “dude-bro” and it’s hilarious.


I’m not sure if it’s the swagger or what, but Thomas Jefferson became this love-to-hate comic relief that the second act definitely needed!


And it is not my totally biased opinion that makes me love Jonathan Groff’s King George. If you didn’t crack up every time he was on the stage…you’re LYING!

New History


I’ve mentioned before how this story endeavored to tell a different side of history. It is definitely worth mentioning this again. Not only does Hamilton show us these stories from a new point of view; it puts us in the inner thoughts of figures we may have never given a second thought to otherwise.

What are you still doing here? Why aren’t you watching Hamilton yet???

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