Cape & Castle Awards

Cape & Castle Awards: July 2020 Edition

The Cape & Castle team proudly presents their very first Award roundtable!

Yes, this is only July. Yes, many movie releases had to be postponed to the fall, but the past 6 months feel like a whole — super busy— year.

The cinema industry is on hold at the moment, so we thought it could actually be the perfect time to use this pause to reflect on the past year and the great things it has brought us. Because the Cape & Castle redaction is an eclectic team, we deemed it best not to limit each category to one winner only. Instead, we want to celebrate the wide scope of talent that was displayed the last year and show our appreciation to many across all genres and media.

The best part is that you will get the final say by voting for your favorites!

This year, the Cape & Castle Awards categories are:

  • Powerful Male Performance
  • Powerful Female Performance
  • Best Movie
  • Best Series
  • Most Badass Moment
  • Most Enchanting Ship
  • Most Enchanting True Love’s Kiss
  • Most Emotional Farewell
  • Real-life Superhero
  • Best Upcoming Project

We declare open the first edition of the Cape & Castle Awards. Stick around to find out each of our participant’s winning list!

Powerful Male Performance

Sarah Baye: Mark Ruffalo, I Know This Much is True. Ruffalo is an accomplished actor, but in the HBO miniseries he gives above and beyond in a double performance as twin brothers. His acting is raw, always spot-on and deeply moving. I’ll riot if he doesn’t get the Emmy this year!

Christine Cenon: Adam DriverMarriage Story. I’ve seen enough of Adam’s filmography to know that he’s a versatile actor — one of today’s best who deserves actual wins than just nominations from the world’s most prestigious awards. Marriage Story was the realest Noah Baumbach story that I’ve experienced thus far, and Adam’s performance as Charlie really made me feel for the character.

Sarah Cudlipp: Eric Winter, The Rookie. Eric Winter completely steals every scene he is in and the range of emotions he expresses are always powerful. He’s always been impressive, but his performance on The Rookie has been exceptionally so.

Meredith Miller: Chris Evans, Defending Jacob: Andy Barber was a dramatic role that let Chris flex his acting muscles from quiet, restrained scenes to strategic bursts of rage or anguish. I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to portray complex emotions through subtle shifts in his expressions.

Chris Evans in Defending Jacob. AppleTV. 2020.

Elizabeth Learned: Harry Shum Jr., Shadowhunters. Playing Magnus Bane on the shortlived, but still loved, Freeform series Shadowhunters, Harry Shum Jr. gave us such a raw performance every single episode. He played Magnus through so many ranges of emotions, from a powerful warlock to a vulnerable man who just wanted to be happy. He truly encompassed the character and to this day, it is a performance that is one to remember.

Raquel O’Donnell: Adam Driver, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. His transition from Kylo Ren to Ben Solo as well as his eye acting alone carried the entire movie.

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Powerful Female Performance

Meredith: Jane Levy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. She pulled viewers into the crazy premise quickly with her heartfelt performance. I quickly focused less on the question of how or why she was experiencing musical numbers around her and more on how they propelled her through her struggles at work and her journey through saying goodbye to her father.

Raquel: Angelina Jolie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – not only because her character is a powerful being but also her motherly love for Aurora is unconditional.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. Via Entertainment Weekly

Sarah C.: Melissa O’Neil, The Rookie. Melissa O’Neil constantly shows that she can act the hell out of any storyline that comes her way. She has made me fall in love with Lucy again and again on The Rookie!

Elizabeth: Candice Patton, The Flash. Candice Patton has always given it her all as Iris West-Allen on The CW’s The Flash. However, this past season, she got to show us another side of Iris in a storyline that brought her mirror version into the Central City universe. Patton showed us an Iris who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted and even when you knew this Iris wasn’t the true Iris, she still gave you those intricacies that made Iris who she was. She gave us a different version of herself that gave her more to work with, as she deserved.

Sarah B.: Saoirse Ronan, Little Women. Last year, the Irish actress took on the challenge of reprising one of the most popular characters in American literature and she did it flawlessly. In this modern version, Jo March is daring, caring, resisting, loving and she is absolutely relatable. To quote and adjust the Little Women monologue meme going around Twitter: “Saoirse—”.

Christine: Emilia ClarkeGame of ThronesFor eight years, Emilia Clarke has given her all as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. The eighth and final season was probably the best out of all seasons, merely due to her practically playing an entirely different character. It showcased how talented Emilia really is.

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Best Movie

Raquel: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is certainly the Best Movie since 2019. From the mother-daughter dynamic of Maleficent and Aurora, to Diaval’s one-liners, and the beautiful, mystic Kingdom of the Moors, how can one argue otherwise?

Sarah C.: Onward. I had some high expectations for Onward, but once I actually watched the movie, it exceeded each and every one of them. You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve watched it.

Elizabeth: Captain Marvel. Most of the movies from 2019 didn’t completely capture my interest, except for many of the Marvel movies. Captain Marvel was no exception, as it not only brought back memories of former haunts (Blockbusters anyone?) to telling the story of a woman who not only kicked ass, but continued to figure out just who she was.

Christine: AladdinThese recent reimaginings of classic Disney animations have been hit or misses, but this 2019 Guy Ritchie version was definitely a hit, and I should know from being so vocally opposed to it before I actually watched it. It was such a satisfying retelling, especially of my most favorite Disney Princess, for she was more of a role model in this one than she was in the 1992 animated version.

Sarah B.: JoJo Rabbit. This year, Taika Waititi gave us a little gem of a movie. It is zany and surprising as best but never fails nor compromises the heavy topic it treats. The young Roman Griffin Davis and the rest of the cast are absolutely remarkable. It makes you laugh and cry — it is a roller-coaster of emotions you carry with you long after the end credits have rolled.

Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson and Roman Griffin Davis in JoJo Rabbit (Searchlight Pictures)

Meredith: Knives Out. Funny, clever, and full of unexpected twists and turns, Knives Out is an ode to the classic whodunnits of the past. Every family member is a viable suspect with a good motive right up until the culprit is revealed in the shocking final moments.

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Best Series

Elizabeth: This Is Us. Ever since the hit NBC series This Is Us hit the airwaves, it has tugged at the heartstrings of its viewers. Telling the story of a family in the past, present, and future, it also dives into intense real-life issues such as race, adoption, marriage, death, love, and life. This truly is one of my favorite shows from this past year.

Sarah B.: Normal People. The Irish drama series is a global phenomenon. Adapted from the popular novel, the show daintily takes us along the journey of two young individuals through the most significant stages of their lives — love is only the beginning. The photography and acting are just as subtly elegant as the story they tell.

Raquel: La Casa De Papel (aka Money Heist in English). This show never ceases to keep its audience hanging on the edge of their seats as they are immersed in this take on a group of robbers that has never been done before. Money Heist, however, should have ended after season 2, in my opinion, since its finale perfectly concluded the original story that began in the first season.

Christine: Brooklyn Nine-NinePolice procedurals have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but there’s just something about B99 that’s more appealing than most. It must be the lovable characters (I honestly cannot pick a favorite because I’m seriously in love each of them and equally) and the fact that they have one of the cutest couples, ever (Andy Samberg’s Jake and Melissa Fumero’s Amy) — not to mention, said cute couple now have a baby together! Eeeek!

Meredith: Defending Jacob. A family drama wrapped up in a murder mystery, each week offered a few more revelations and questions about both the family and the murder. Defending Jacob is a gripping, heartbreaking story full of secrets, betrayals, and confessions.

Sarah C.: The Baker and The Beauty. This show deserves all the awards. It hit screens fast and hard and I literally love everything about it and if it doesn’t get renewed I’m going to be so, so disappointed.

The Baker and The Beauty. Image via ABC

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Most Badass Moment

Sarah B.: Dolores and Maeve dueling, Westworld. The third season of the HBO series brought us many badass and memorable moments but the two female leads fighting it off will go down in the history of the show. The hardest part was picking a side — personally, I didn’t.

Raquel: Ben Solo vs The Knights of Ren scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. That scene was singlehandedly the best part of the movie, from Ben’s final force bond with Rey to his sexy shrug.

Adam Driver as Ben Solo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Photo: Disney

Sarah C.: The Rookie 2×01 when Tim comes flying out of the ambulance.
I was worried about Tim and had no idea what was going to happen with him being sick or even if they were going to make it to the hospital. Then he came bursting through the ambulance doors and I was beyond impressed.

Christine: Cap lifting Mjölnir, Avengers: EndgameBefore Cap saying “Avengers Assemble” and him fighting the 2012 version of himself made my own personal list of “Most Badass Moments”, there was him lifting Mjölnir. His ability to lift it was teased in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it never came to fruition until Endgame. That moment was definitely part of the (almost) perfect bookend for Cap’s story.

Elizabeth: Malec proposal, Shadowhunters. There are so many badass moments in the Shadowhunters world when it comes to Malec, but the most badass has to be when Magnus proposes to Alec. After arriving fashionably late to save Alec and his sister, Isabel, from an attack, Magnus reveals he knows why Alec broke up with him. After just being reunited and revealing he has to go to Edom to close a rift that is letting demons through, he stops Alec to finish the proposal that his love never got to finish. As far as proposals go, this was one badass way to do it!

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Most Enchanting Ship

Sarah C.: Sterling and Jackson, The Rookie. Honestly, these two need to stop making me swoon because I can barely handle it. Can we have some more storylines with these two in the next season?!

Christine: Aladdin and Princess JasmineAladdin. As if the animated version of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine were perfect already, Disney had to cast Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. They made their respective characters that much more magical, and their chemistry was flying everywhere.

Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine. Photo: Disney

Sarah B.: Jane Villanueva and Michael Cordero, Jane the Virgin. It was difficult to pick one ship but I felt I should pay homage to the one couple who made me smile and cry the most. With the telenovela series ending this year, it was fitting! Villadero (also called Cordueva) showed us the greatest love stories are ones where the partners are best friends. Even if Rafael turned out to become a great partner, for me, it’s Michael. He simply owns my heart — thank you, Brett Dier.

Raquel: Sergio Marquina and Raquel Murillo (Serquel) from Money Heist – I mean, it is not every day the mastermind of a big heist falls for the inspector of the case! Serquel takes the enemies-to-lovers trope to a whole other level, making them the best TV couple.

Elizabeth: Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters. Not only do Magnus and Alec showcase a love that is beautiful and breathtaking to watch, but it also shows a positive representation of a same-sex relationship. Magnus and Alec may go through tough times, but they continue to fight for each other and the love they share.

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Most Enchanting True Love’s Kiss

Christine: Dawsey, Chicago FireWhen Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) returned for her guest stint in season eight of Chicago Fire, millions tuned in to see how her ex-husband Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) would react to her return. Us shippers were pleasantly surprised (but not surprised at the same time) to see them hook up — it was one hell of a kiss, a kiss of two people who, despite being divorced, will always be in love with one another and will always be under each other’s skins. They’re soulmates, and Dawsey proves that soulmates do exist.

Sarah C.: Geralt and Yennefer, The Witcher. Geralt and Yennefer always enchanted me when I watched their story unfold in the video game, and they did it even more so in the Netflix Original series. The fact that they kissed in the midst of battle and it gave Yennefer more power just made it even better.

Raquel: Sergio Marquina and Raquel Murillo, Money Heist. In fact, all of their kiss scenes are romantic and iconic, from ‘estoy contingo’ to their make-out sessions on the beach.

Elizabeth: Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood from Shadowhunters had one of the best kisses when the series was ending. In the episode where they get engaged, while the city of Alicante is burning around them, they share a kiss that encapsulates their love. That despite the destruction and terror going on around them, they still find beauty and love in tragic moments.

Sarah B.: Barley and Ian, Onward. Definitely not a kiss, but a hug worth a thousand words of love. The latest Pixar movie brings us back to the basics: family. The two brothers put their differences to go on a quest to bring their father back for a day. In the end, Ian realizes his big brother is the role model and the loving male figure he has had all along. Their hug seals their love in stone and the peak lacrymal moment.

Photo: Pixar

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Most Emotional Farewell

Meredith: The Good Place Finale: A poignant finale that saw each character receive a well thought-out and fitting end to their arc. The humans wrapped up their after-lives, and Michael finally got to try life on Earth.

Elizabeth: Shadowhunters Finale. After a shocking, and unfair cancellation, Shadowhunters was able to have two final episodes to close out the show. Even though it came with controversy and there are still plenty of feelings over it, it really was an emotional finale. It touched on both love, heartbreak, sadness, and joy, leaving us with hope for the future of opur favorite characters.

Christine: Daenerys’ deathGame of Thrones. Yes, this was more emotional than both Natasha and Tony Stark dying in Endgame. Sure, Dany’s death was more predictable, because let’s be real, it’s Game of Thrones — I figured everyone would die. But the fact that the love of her life was the one to draw the sword and stab her heart, was the most poetic, Shakespearean ending to an (almost) perfect love story between her and Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Let’s not talk about how her son, Drogon, reacted, though.

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Sarah B.: Dolores is erased, Westworld. Dolores, flawlessly played by Evan Rachel Wood, pulled a Dark Knight in this third season and took on the role of the villain to hide her true philanthropic intentions. In an emotional farewell, the two former enemies, Dolores and Maeve, have a heart-to-heart in their original setting when it is revealed that Dolores never stopped believing in the beauty of mankind. With a last grin, she disappears peacefully. HBO keeps on insisting Dolores is gone for good but I refuse to believe it for the simple reason that I will no choice but to riot (yes, again). The Westworld fandom will truly be in disarray if we lose Evan.

Sarah C.: Toy Story 4. This hurt the first time I watched it and it has hurt every time since. Even though I understood why the story went there it really didn’t help cushion the blow much when we watched these friends say goodbye.

Raquel: Natasha Romanoff’s death in Avengers: Endgame. Her death that took place halfway into the movie was beyond uncalled for and left me, as well as many other fans, depressed since.

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Real-life Superhero

Sarah C.: Tom Holland for his Marvel quiz for COVID charity. Okay, when is Tom Holland not being awesome and charitable? Coming up with this idea to help raise money during this difficult time was freaking awesome!

Raquel: The one and only Adam Driver for being an ex-marines soldier and creating the Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF) fundraiser.

Christine: Sophia Bush. With today’s issues such as Black Lives Matter and the Coronavirus, some of us look to celebrities and those whose voices are more amplified than others to educate and to use their resources to spread good in the world. Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D. fame uses her social media profiles and her podcast, Work in Progress, to not only spread good information to her millions of followers, but also to showcase her participating in protests, lectures, fundraising, etc.. I, for one, appreciate seeing celebrities who I follow on my feed, actually lending their hands during these trying times.

Sophia Bush. Image via Medium

Sarah B.: Melissa Benoist. The Supergirl actress, redefined true hero, when she revealed having been a victim of domestic abuse in an Instagram live video. Benoist bravely took a stand by sharing her harrowing story in detail. She has since taken part in many events aiming to break the silence surrounding domestic violence. Truly inspiring.

Elizabeth: Harry Shum Jr. Coming to the surprise of absolutely no one who knows me, Harry Shum Jr. is my real-life superhero. He continues to speak out on the causes most dear to his heart and he is such a kind-hearted person. One of those celebrities I could see myself having a cup of coffee with and just chatting about life, he is my superhero.

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Best Upcoming Project

Raquel: Black Widow. After all, the iconic Russian spy long deserved her solo film!

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow. Image: Marvel

Sarah B.: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I’m one of those who consider the first installment is one of the most underrated movies of the MCU. Imagine my excitement when I found out the next movie would include: 1/the Multiverse, 2/ Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), 3/ allegedly bring back two dead characters! If you aren’t sold yet you skipped the previous sentence.

Sarah C.: Walker. I was trash for the original Walker, Texas Ranger and I just know that I’m going to be even worse when it comes to this reboot. I mean, come on, Jared Padalecki in cowboy boots!

Christine: Jungle CruiseIf you love Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones, then you’ll love Jungle Cruise. It’s basically both with everything in it: romance, comedy, adventure — add Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt to the mix and you’ve got yourself one hell of a film.

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This concludes our Cape & Castle Awards! We can’t wait to see the results of your votes.

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