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Ship Spotlight: Celebrating ‘The Baker and the Beauty’s’ Daniel and Noa

We are still waiting on news about The Baker and the Beauty and whether they’ve been renewed. But we figured we may as well take this time to talk about Daniel and Noa. We’ve had the opportunity to watch the relationship between Daniel and Noa move from strangers to friends to one another’s safe place. The love between them is absolutely amazing. It’s been a beautiful journey to see and we’re going to keep on hoping that we haven’t seen the last of that journey.

When They Met

From the moment we got to watch Daniel and Noa meet, we’ll admit we were hooked. The chemistry between them was instantaneous. We could tell we were about to embark on an epic journey. There is just such an easy way about Noa and the way her character is so open and genuine about things is a refreshing thing to see. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any struggles. Being famous clearly has it’s drawbacks but with Daniel to keep her grounded and love her without judgment, we know that Noa is going to be just fine. When it comes to Daniel, just because he isn’t famous doesn’t mean there aren’t pressures he deals with in his own life. Being expected to take over your family bakery can be a lot. Even if you have nothing but love for your family.

Daniel and Noa

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So meeting Noa brought excitement to Daniel’s life that he didn’t know he needed. The fact that they met when Noa came walking out of a stall in the men’s room is going to make for a great story to tell their kids. Especially since Noa can tell them all about how Daniel was talking to himself! And about the mistake of recommending Daniel order the soup. Because that turned out to be a hilarious mistake. Their first meeting was certainly one for the books, as was the rest of their night.

When They Faced Things Together

From the moment Daniel and Noa began their relationship, they relied on one another. They were both open and honest with each other from the very beginning, that we just continued falling for this couple again and again. This was one of the most organic and beautifully real relationships we’ve ever been fortunate enough to witness. A few of the others just happen to also be on this show. We definitely think being able to have the healthy and loving relationship of Mari and Rafael as an example has helped Daniel navigate his relationship with Noa. This seems like the perfect time to say that this is yet another reason why we’re really going to need this show to be renewed. Like yesterday.

There have certainly been a lot of obstacles thrown in their path, but Daniel and Noa have been able to overcome all of them. Together. They talk things out. It was a beautiful development of a healthy relationship that didn’t involve breaking up and getting back together every other episode. And it has been a glorious change from a lot of other shows. Sure, angst is great. But sometimes it’s so nice to be able to sit back and watch two people organically come together and stay that way. Especially if they seem to be taking on the world together.

When They Refused to Give Up

There are countless reasons to not be in a relationship, including that they can complicate your life. Especially if you’re famous. This means there were certainly plenty of reasons for Daniel and Noa to break up and just walk away from each other. But both of them realized that easy isn’t always the right way and they fit together perfectly in every way that matters. We need more healthy relationships like the one they have. That’s what we need to see. We have had plenty of the will they or won’t they situations and we’ve had plenty of breakups and makeups. What we really need to see is a solid couple that, while they may have drama, always face difficulties together. So if Daniel and Noa refuse to give up on one another, we certainly aren’t going to be giving up on them any time soon.

Daniel and Noa

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  • Yes I love Danoa! So wonderful to see you feature this relationship. While I love all the characters and other pairings, Noa and Daniel are what hooked me to the show. Fingers and toes crossed we get S2.


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