The Rookie 2x20 Review

‘The Rookie’ 2×20 Review: “The Hunt”

It’s time! The season finale was finally here and it didn’t disappoint! We were actually a little devastated thinking that Armstrong has been a bad guy this whole time. But even when things seemed to go a little deeper, we still weren’t sure exactly what to think. Then we had Tim and Rachel trying to deal with her getting her dream job in New York and about to take off for good. Keep reading for The Rookie 2×20 review!

More Than Meets the Eye

Okay, so things with Armstrong were clearly not so cut and dry. That isn’t to say that we agreed with anything he had done or was continuing to do. But it at least seemed like he didn’t like what he was doing and he didn’t want to continue doing it. We certainly don’t forgive him for anything and he could have gone to someone to get help. But it was definitely a grey area type of situation. We did our best to reserve our judgment until we had all of the facts. Well, we tried to anyway.

The Rookie 2x20 Review

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Maybe we were just trying to make excuses for him because we genuinely grew to like Armstrong. He seemed like such a good cop and he really meshed well with the rest of the team. But his continued actions with John and Nyla were not making him look good. The more John and Nyla kept digging, the worse things looked. Eventually, we had to admit that under duress or not, Armstrong was just a bad cop and he needed to be dealt with appropriately. But we couldn’t blame John for wanting to know the answers and falling for Armstrong’s very obvious trap. Curiosity gets the best of us every time, too. Dammit.

Old Faces

Rosalind was back. And we have to admit that we were a little scared. That woman is utterly terrifying. Even though we knew the last time we saw her wasn’t going to be the last time ever. We were hoping that it would be sometime next season at the earliest. But that clearly wasn’t the case as she appeared with a smile. Which never means anything good for us. We don’t care that she was right about Armstrong. It’s not like John can be blamed for ignoring her comments.

And unfortunately, we’re sure that this time was also not the last time we will be seeing Rosalind. She has a really nasty way of turning up at the worst possible moments in this show. By that, we mean the most dangerous moments. Every single time we see her, we know that someone is either going to be in a ridiculous amount of danger or someone is going to die. Neither of these options is things we want to see so can we find some way to deal with her, please? Like for good maybe?

Making it Work

At the start, Tim and Rachel seemed to be planning on making things long-distance work. While our outlook on that whole situation is bleak, we were happy that Tim wasn’t planning on leaving LA. At least he was honest with himself about that. But we aren’t even talking about a six-hour drive or even a twelve-hour one. We are talking about the literal opposite sides of the country. So, sorry guys, but we didn’t see this one ending well at all.

The Rookie 2x20 Review

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We do have to admit that we were genuinely surprised when he straight up told Lucy that he was not planning on visiting Rachel in New York. Before we could recover from that comment, Tim said he was going to just rip the band-aid off to make things easier. Well then. But then with everything going on, Tim and Rachel didn’t even get to have their good-bye dinner. Is it bad that we took this as a sign that they really just needed to end things? Because that’s what we were thinking. But then Tim pulled Rachel over and decided against saying goodbye. Dammit.

John and Grace

John’s situation with Grace was breaking our hearts and it sucked that it was exploited by Rosalind. Who knows what she’s capable of. Inside of a cell or not, we know she can still do heinous things. But she better stay the hell away from Grace. That’s all we have to say about that. And we hope that Grace and John will be able to figure things out between them, of course. We need to see more of her.

Wow! We were so impressed with the season finale, not that we were surprised. Every episode of this show just continues to get more and more creative and incredible! What did you think of how things ended? Where do you think they will go from here? What’s going to happen with John? You don’t think anyone will actually believe he is guilty, do you? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join The Rookie conversation and let us know your thoughts! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!

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