Ship Spotlight: Celebrating ‘Chicago Fire’s’ Stellaride

Listen, if there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I love the Chicago series. But I especially love Chicago Fire. Which means I’m completely lost for Stellaride, the relationship between Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo, Blood & Oil) and Kelly (Taylor Kinney, The Other Woman). Severide likes to play things pretty close to the chest. The first one I ever saw him being open and free with was Shay. Among the millions of reasons why I was devastated when she died, the fear of Severide never opening up to someone again was a major one.

Then Stella came and Kelly is himself with her. He jokes, smiles genuinely, laughs. I just know that Shay would love and approve of Stella so much. They would have been the best of friends. And if she had been around, Severide and Stella probably wouldn’t have broken up in the first place. The second these two are on my screen together, I swoon. So, of course, I’m going to take this opportunity to discuss Stellaride and why I love them so much. Let’s shine that spotlight on this ship!

When They Met Again

When Stella first came on the screen, I didn’t expect her to know any of the other firefighters. I just figured she was a new character, but I knew within a few minutes that I was going to like her. Then Severide spoke to her about when they apparently first met and I needed to know more. Did he come in through her skylight serenading her? Or was he just chilling with a six-pack of beer (and his six-pack) waiting for her to get home? Years later, I still don’t have the details about this, and you can bet your ass I still want them.


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When Grant walked in and Severide saw him and did an about-face, I laughed my ass off. I knew that Stella and Severide were going to end up together. I freaking knew it! If you want to go back and relive Stella arriving at Firehouse 51, check out episode 4×16, “Two Ts”.

When Severide Helped Stella with Her Ice Cubes and the Mess Left Afterwards – And Their First Kiss

Okay, this entire little side storyline was hilarious! Stella convincing Hermann to invest in a machine to make square ice cubes was ridiculously entertaining. That Severide helped her was adorable. Then the machine caused just a few issues. But when Severide came in to help her and they kissed – I squealed. They. Are. So. Damn. Amazing!



Want to relive this Stellaride moment? Of course you do! So check out 4×21, “Kind of a Crazy Idea”!

When Stella Supported Severide with Anna

It took a really long time for Stella and Severide to recover after the Grant situation. When Severide decided to donate bone marrow, Stella supported him throughout the entire process. She was right there with him for his relationship with Anna and for support when he lost her.


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Not only did Stella Google everything about bone marrow transplant, but Severide put Stella down as his emergency contact. If that doesn’t scream meant to be, I don’t know what does. But I liked Anna. Truly. Stella and Severide are just endgame.

When Stella Moved In and Severide Constantly Messed with Her and They Got Domestic

These two were so domestic during this time I almost couldn’t take it. Just get together already! Then when they did, I experienced a cuteness overload and didn’t know what to do. When Severide gives Stella a hard time, I always end up grinning like a fool, no matter how mean it is.



Then when they cuddle as they did in 6×13 “Hiding Not Seeking”, I almost lost my mind. Sometimes they are just too cute for words.

When Stella Demands That Severide Tells Her What He Wants

Stella is a badass woman and she doesn’t run away from feelings. So she certainly doesn’t play games. Which is kind of what it felt like was happening with Stellaride. Things between them were getting complicated and Severide was being his typical old self.



So when Stella took the opportunity in 6×15, “The Chance to Forgive” to confront Severide, I was not disappointed with his response. This is literally one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen in the history of ever.

When Severide Fought for Stella and Made Lung Jokes

I was genuinely worried for Stella when she was injured. Even when she was okay, I was anxious about what it would mean for her career. Severide’s fear was palpable, and he made it clear he was willing to do anything to ensure Stella would be okay.



I knew everything was going to be okay when Severide made lung jokes. No one else would have been able to get away with that, but in 7×03, “Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand”, Severide did.

WHen They Said “I Love You”

Who doesn’t love when their favorite couple says “I love you”? It’s probably my favorite thing ever. This means that when it came to Stella and Severide I was doing a freaking happy dance in my living room.



How did I get so lucky to have these two amazing characters on my screen and loving each other so much? I don’t know. But I don’t care. I refuse to ever give up on Stellaride. 7×05, “A Volatile Mixture” is where it’s at with these two!

When Severide Decided He Was Going To Be A Better Man For Stella

Every single time I think about Severide’s words to Stella, I literally get chills. Every. Time. He knew what he had to do in order to get Stella back and he did. But he also meant it. And the emotion in his voice when he tells her? Ugh. My freaking heart.



Their relationship has been so different since this moment in 7×22 “I’m Not Leaving You” and it’s in the most beautiful way. I could rewatch the moment forever and ever. Good thing there are plenty of gifs for it. Enjoy the one above millions of times.

Stellaride Forever

The next wedding that happens on Chicago Fire damn well better be a Stellaride wedding. And it better be soon. Severide needs to put a ring on it and really I just need to see a wedding happen between these two. Come on! Also, listen. I know I missed like three thousand moments between them, but I could be here all day and go on forever if I included every single one.

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