Westworld 3x07 Review

‘Westworld’ 3×07 Review: “Passed Pawn”

This is it! We are almost at the end of the line! We got to see more Dolores and Caleb, which you all know we love. But we also got to learn a little more about outliers which remind us of those from the Divergent series. Anyone else getting those vibes? Things with William were also starting to come to a head and the final battle is almost upon us. Keep reading for our Westworld 3×07 review!

Back to the Roots

Okay, we’re going to say it. It was really great to see Dolores back on a horse. It took us back to the last two seasons and it was a nice little callback. Plus, it was nice to hear Dolores and Caleb talk about Westworld, as brief as it was. We know we’ve said it before, but these two truly make an amazing team. They can both be ruthless and do what they feel has to be done. But we would really like to know where the hell Dolores is getting all of these badass weapons. We were shocked she didn’t use one of them on the AI the way he was speaking about her. We don’t care what it said, Dolores isn’t just an object. And Caleb isn’t just a pawn. At least, we hope not.

Westworld 3x07 Review

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We were really getting a deep look into Caleb and it was about time! But every time we learn something new about him, it seems to bring a hundred more questions. So we hope that he’s going to be around next season as well. While we like getting glimpses of his past, they seemed to really be affecting Caleb and they had us worried. Is it really better for him to know who he was or what the different versions of himself were? We kind of think it would be better for him to create a new path for himself. One that involves Dolores.

Where William Comes In

We don’t know about William working with anyone. He truly isn’t capable of working with anyone but himself. Hell, even when faced with different versions of himself, he just started killing all of them. But having him work with Bernard has us deeply concerned. Even though he isn’t on Dolores’ side, we don’t want anything bad to happen to Bernard. And if he’s aligning himself with William, then it’s almost guaranteed that something very bad is going to end up happening to him. Which is exactly what looks about to happen with William aiming a gun at him.

But William’s part in everything is becoming a little more clear. He’s going to be someone that Dolores is going to have to deal with if she has any hopes of winning this war that’s beginning. While Dolores has overcome a lot of obstacles in her way, and done so time and time again, we think William could prove to be a rough one to beat.

Solomon Knows All

It was bad enough when everyone was getting a detailed account of how and when they were going to die. But then we had Solomon telling us what everyone was and who they were going to be. The factor of free will was basically erased according to Solomon. If someone did something that was outside the box or what was planned for them they were dealt with. Their memories are overwritten or if they weren’t human, they were basically deactivated.

Westworld 3x07 Review

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We had heard enough about three minutes into Solomon speaking, even if he was giving us answers. We don’t care what Caleb did in the past, what matters is who he is now. But we are getting more and more on board with Dolores starting and winning this war. And Caleb was bound and determined to get the answers to help them win this.

Maeve in the House

Maeve came on the scene ready for an epic battle. And we were kind of excited for it to be honest. But we also really have a desire to see Maeve and Dolores on the same side. Come on! Don’t you want to see that team up too? It can’t be just us. Though that certainly wasn’t the direction things were going in with Maeve coming at Dolores fast and hard. And explosively. But we’re sure Dolores is going to be totally fine. Right?

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Dolores has Caleb’s best interests in mind or is she using him as well? Who do you think is going to win the war that is sure to come? How crazy do you think things are going to get in the finale? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join the Westworld conversation and let us know your thoughts! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!

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