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#TBT Quiz: Which ‘Greek’ house do you belong in?

On behalf of Cyprus-Rhodes University, we welcome you to Greek Rush Week!

Here at CRU, we offer a range of activities and organizations to enhance your student experience, and our Greek system is one of the most obvious starting points. Being a part of the CRU Greek community gives our students the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, find a support network on campus, develop their leadership potential and build character.

Having a tough time deciding which house to pick? Take this pledge test to see which Greek house you’d belong in!

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Which alcoholic drink do you drink the most? 

What kind of philanthropic work would you like to do?

If you were to throw a party, what kind of party would you throw?

If your house hosted a mixer, who would you mix with?

Why did you decide to rush?

How do you spend spring break?

#TBT Quiz: Which ‘Greek’ house do you belong in?

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