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Quarantine. Whether you’re doing it with friends, family, or going it alone, you’re bound to be spending plenty of time in front of a screen. As we’re spending time at home, we need to find ways to fill the days. The television shows and movies I have chosen for my quarantine watchlist don’t share a theme. These are, quite literally, the shows I’ve been watching to fill my time.

Quarantine Watchlist: Meredith's Picks
Photo: NBC

The Office

The Office follows the day-to-day happenings of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. On paper, it sounds dry and boring, but this show is filled with a colorful cast of characters and pulls humor from unexpected stories. Led by a boss (Steve Carell) who thinks he’s extremely funny, the employees at Dunder Mifflin get through each day with awkward misunderstandings, romantic entanglements, elaborate pranks, and never-ending conference room meetings.

Airing for nine seasons in total, The Office lasted two full seasons following the departure of original lead Steve Carell. In addition to Carell, several cast members have gone on to find major success in television and film, both in front of and behind the camera. Most notably, Mindy Kaling and John Krasinski. The Office also had several guest stars throughout the years who have gone on to major success.

Where to find it: Netflix. The entire series. All nine seasons.

Quarantine Watchlist: Meredith's Picks
Photo: NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the crew of a police precinct, but it’s hardly a typical cop show. This comedy is led by Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta and follows his personal and professional relationships with his co-workers. There is a formula to most episodes as the detectives work on a case, complete with an inevitable “aha moment” as the case is solved. The characters are easy to connect with and root for. For the most part, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a lighthearted, delightful comedy, but every now and then it finds a way to pull at your heartstrings.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a couple of recurring themed episodes each year. There is a yearly episode involving guest star Craig Robinson as Doug Judy, The Pontiac Bandit. Each Doug Judy episode covers a new caper and the developing bond between Judy and the squad. Each year the Halloween Heist episode follows the entire squad competing to steal a designated item as well as the crown and bragging rights as the winner. The schemes to win become more elaborate and funny with each passing year.

In these days of quarantine, an episode of note falls in season three that finds Detective Peralta quarantined with Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) after they contract the mumps. Unable to sit still, they attempt to solve a case from home while in quarantine.

Where to find it: NBC and Hulu 

Quarantine Watchlist: Meredith's Picks
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As Tangled begins, Rapunzel has been living the Isolation Life in her tower for 18 years. The only person she sees is her mother. She unintentionally sets a perfect example of how to cope with quarantine and social distancing. Rapunzel spends her days filling her time reading, painting, cleaning, and playing games. She also dreams of finally leaving her tower. When circumstances do finally allow her to leave, we see her experience everything, even the touch of grass, for the very first time.

If the opening to Tangled feels familiar to what we’re all experiencing these days, the rest of the movie is a fantastic escape. Magical hair, unconventional weaponry, a mystery, a thief, a romance, and beautiful music propel this adventurous quest full of twists and turns and fun characters. The over-arching theme of Tangled is that everyone has a dream. We just need to find the courage and the opportunity to pursue them. We could all use a little dreaming of what could be right now.

Where to find it: Disney+

Hopefully, you will be able to get hours of entertainment from this list! Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle and let us know what you’ve been watching! Also be sure to check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more! And if you’re looking for more quarantine watchlist ideas, you can check out the rest of our collection here!

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