Quarantine Watchlist: Sarah C's Picks

Sarah C.’s Quaranstream (Part 1 of 2)

Even if you’re working from home during this time, it’s easy to fall into boredom. Here at Cape & Castle, we love to binge-watch! So finding things to watch when having time on our hands is something we’re getting pretty good at. Who wants to sit in front of their television and spend forever trying to find something to watch? We don’t. But it’s often what happens! Then we settle on something we’ve seen a million times. So, our family decided to come together and give you our list of what we’re watching and why you should add it to your list! Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that you either haven’t seen in a while or have never seen at all! So get ready for the quarantine watchlist: Sarah C’s TV Picks!

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The Rookie

The best way to start off talking about this show is that Nathan Fillion leads the cast. He decides he needs a change in his life and is sick of his routine. After being involved in a bank robbery, he decides that becoming a cop is his true calling. But the cast of characters quickly expands and every single one of them will pull you in. This isn’t your usual or typical cop procedural show. There is a hell of a lot of heart in it. Personally, I am a total sucker for Tim, Lucy, and Angela. Tim is Lucy’s training officer and their relationship has been an amazing thing to watch. When Tim is done as Lucy’s TO he will be promoted. I’m completely convinced that is when their relationship will change. But it’s definitely complicated. Isn’t it always? 

I’m not going to pick just any characters as the image that will help me convince you to add this one to your watchlist! Angela is a badass who backs down to no one. She’s a tough as hell training officer and she would rather shoot you than speak to you. This show is just finishing it’s second season so it won’t keep you entertained forever. But it will be so worth it. I promise. You might even end up like me and rewatch it a few times. If this sounds like the show for you, all the episodes are available to stream on Hulu!

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Dharma & Greg

On the lighter side of things, this is one comedy you definitely shouldn’t pass up! Greg is the definition of rigid and the profession of lawyer fits him a little too well. Plain and simple, he’s boring as hell. Or so it seems. When he meets Dharma, who is the definition of a free spirit and is definitely Greg’s opposite in just about every way, sparks fly. And that is definitely putting it mildly. But this isn’t your typical show where you have to watch the two main characters go back and forth. And you definitely don’t have to wonder if they will or if they won’t. They get married right after meeting. Yup, that’s right. 

Dharma and Greg learn about one another as they go. Their families don’t like each other too much and they definitely don’t mesh well, but this couple isn’t willing to let go of one another for anything. Who doesn’t want to watch a show that is all about a healthy and beautiful couple that will also make you laugh until your sides hurt? Just writing this is making me want to go and rewatch the series again. If you’re feeling like this one is for you, then head on over to Hulu and give it a shot! Let me know if you absolutely love it as much as I do!

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Melissa & Joey

This is another awesome comedy that will warm your heart! Mel Burke is a city councilwoman who loves her life. But that life gets turned upside down when her sister and brother in law are involved in a huge scandal. The situation leaves Mel in charge of her niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder. Mel is better at being the fun aunt than having to be a parent. Watching two teenagers get thrown at her as she tries to figure out what being a parent means is incredible. Then we have Joey who lost everything because of the scandal. But she also isn’t a fan of him. Joey drives Mel crazy and makes her want to drink even more wine than usual. Which means she is totally in love with him.

So, naturally, Mel hires Joey to be her manny and the two embark on the adventure that is parenthood and learn how to be a family. It is one of my absolute favorite shows out there and I have watched it so many times, I’ve lost track. But every episode still manages to get me laughing anyway. If you’re looking for a great family show that will keep you entertained for a good amount of time, look no further than this one! It’s available to stream on Hulu, so what are you waiting for?

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Rookie Blue

This one will always have a special place in my heart and I will never stop watching it. It is definitely packed full of drama and I love every second of it. Yes, there are love triangles and shady happenings and sometimes you don’t always know who is the bad guy. But it’s amazing! It’s one of those rare shows that every member of my family loves equally and we can all watch it over and over together. While Andy leads the pack of rookie cops in this Toronto based show, there are plenty of characters to fall for. Andy and Sam are one of my favorite couples in television history. Period. But Gail and Holly are right up there with them and never fail to have me swooning. 

This show is also very real. The cop life isn’t easy by any means and sometimes it comes at a very high price. So before I give any huge spoilers away, this is probably the show I recommend people watch the most. But it is one that you will have to purchase from Amazon Video. Though I swear it will so be worth every penny because this is a show that just keeps on giving. 

Quarantine Watchlist: Sarah's TV Picks
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Take Two

The show was cancelled after one season. Which sucks. Samantha Swift is an actress that has done a very cliche thing. She ended up in rehab after her douchebag boyfriend dumped her in a very public way. But Sam isn’t going to let that hold her back! Especially since she has an offer to play a PI in an upcoming movie. So her agent calls in an old favor to her PI friend, Eddie, to let Sam shadow him. She already knows some of the ropes since she played a cop on a television series for a while. 

But Sam finds that she may actually have a lot to learn from Eddie and the result is an incredible show that deserved more. Did I mention it deserved more? The show does end on a cliffhanger. But if you can get over that and want to watch something that will give you a case of the feels, make you laugh, and give you a pretty good dose of action, look no further. This one is another that has to be purchased from Amazon Video, but I swear it will be so worth it!

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This one comes off as a typical cop procedure. But it is so much more than that! It’s a fun murder mystery with a twist. This one isn’t just about cops solving crimes. It’s about a mystery novelist who has teamed up with a detective as his new source of inspiration. A team up that Kate is not in favor for in the beginning. But they definitely warm up to each other. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that the writer is played by Nathan Fillion.

Yup, I’m recommending another series with Nathan Fillion as the lead. Can you blame me? If you want to stream this one though, you’re going to have to purchase it from Amazon Video. But, again, I promise you that it will be more than worth it.

Quarantine Watchlist: Sarah's TV Picks
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This one will definitely take you back. If you’re a horse lover then it’s already perfect for you. Kris Furillo has gotten into trouble and thrown in juvie. She’s the ultimate girl from the wrong side of the tracks. But she has a gift with horses. Kris is sent to a horse ranch as part of her parole. This is where she’s able to find friendship, love, and family. If you think that sounds cheesy, you’re right. But it’s also a lot of fun and easy to lose yourself in. As an added bonus you have some mean girls thrown in and a couple of rich kids. 

The entire series is available to purchase on Amazon Video. Personally, I was Team Junior from the moment I saw him on screen and I didn’t change my mind for even a second throughout the entire series. But you will just have to check it out and find out for yourself.

Quarantine Watchlist: Sarah's TV Picks
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Even if you don’t like musicals, this is still one you should check out. I definitely recommend it. When Galavant loses the love of his life, Madalena to King Richard, he’ll do anything to get her back. He teams up with Isabella and Sid and goes on the most musical, magical, and heroic journey ever. But things aren’t always what they seem and it’s a lesson Galavant learns along the way. Everything he thought about his life seems to be changing before his eyes. Will Galavant be able to figure out what he wants and what he should do about it? Well, you’re just going to have to watch to find out. The original songs in this series will not be like anything you’ve ever heard before, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get stuck in your head. I’m telling you from experience they definitely will.

It’s a great show with an amazing soundtrack and an even better cast. There is plenty of action, adventure, and it is certainly not lacking in comedy! Both seasons of this show are available to stream on Netflix! Please watch this one and then tell me what you think of it. I’ve only rewatched it a handful of times, but just thinking about it is making me want to go back and watch it again! Plus, did I mention that it’s set in medieval times? Because in case you missed it, it is, and it’s glorious!

I hope you enjoyed my list and you’re able to find at least one show to watch! Things around the world are crazy and it’s more than okay to need to get away from it all. If you’re an essential worker, we thank you for the service you’re providing and hope you’re staying safe! We also thank those of you that are risking your own well-being to try and guarantee ours. You also deserve a break! We hope some of our recommendations give you some downtime. Maybe even something new to watch with the family! If you chose to add any of our picks to your watchlist, find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to let us know which ones! Check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more! And click here for the rest of our Quarantine Watchlist articles!

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