Westworld 3x05 Review

‘Westworld’ 3×05: Review Of Tweets And Memes

The latest episode of Westworld is out which means we can savor a new round of the best Tweets and Memes

Yesterday, HBO released episode 5 of the third season called “Genre” (check out our review) and this episode was mind-bending…on many levels. The fans were left, well probably confused as usual, but also bubbling with many new theories about the show and characters. And there certainly was a lot to say about the episode itself.

If it had to be summed up in one picture, it would be:

So it all started with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) seeking to access Serac’s classified data. Quite a challenge in itself, but not for her. Thanks to her many selves:

Yeah. Jokes on you, now.

In the meantime, her ally, Caleb (Aaron Paul), has it rough by being shot with powerful drugs in the first 5 minutes which leaves him tripping for the entire duration of the episode. I know what you’re thinking and you know what I’m thinking: Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is in the house!

So, in 3×05, Dolores makes decisive progress in her fight against Serac and the system by releasing all the data to the population. And not just the L.A. population, the entire human population. And she did it on the subway without a care in the world.

Who knew Mean Girls would ever have similarities with Westworld? Not me. And yet, it works perfectly.

Dolores is powerful. Dolores is badass. And Dolores is unstoppable, it seems. And because Westworld and Games of Thrones are now canonically linked, someone had to make this meme:

A non-exhaustive resume to make Daenerys worry for her Throne.

Obviously, nobody can remain indifferent to Dolores. And certainly not Caleb, whose drugged state brought some hidden feelings to the surface. And screamed facts.

And honestly, he isn’t the only one:

In conclusion, Westworld continues to be amazing and to blow minds. And we all love it!

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