The Baker and the Beauty 1x01 Review

‘The Baker and the Beauty’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

Who doesn’t love a show about baking? And love? With a bit of drama thrown in for good measure! We know we love all of those things. So when they were thrown into this show, we were already prepared to love it. But we were not prepared for just how much we loved this series premiere! It grabbed our hearts and we hope it never lets them go! Keep reading for The Baker and the Beauty 1×01 review!

True Love is Hard to Find

If your family doesn’t like the one you’re with, it’s got to give you pause. They must have a good reason for why they don’t like them. Vanessa was definitely more than a little over the top. And we knew that after seeing her for less than five minutes. Then she decided that she should propose to Daniel? Yikes. Not a good look since he was just in the bathroom having a difficult time convincing himself to propose to her. We felt bad that Vanessa was so embarrassed and we don’t blame her for thinking Daniel was ready for marriage. Four years is a long time to be with someone during your adult life. But then Vanessa kind of went off the rails even more and we don’t know what kind of trouble she is going to cause. But we know she is definitely going to cause some.

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But Daniel wasn’t the only one struggling to find love. Noa was not feeling the love after having news of her breakup all over the world. As a superstar, we’re sure that Noa is used to having pictures of her in unflattering situations and embarrassing moments spread all over the internet. But breakups are different. They are hard and private and not something anyone would want the whole world to see. But Noa seemed to be handling all the publicity with grace and poise. Plus, it is part of what led her to Daniel, and we know we certainly aren’t regretting that.

New Adventure

We are going to go out on a limb right now and say that Daniel and Noa meeting is going to be the best and wildest journey of both their lives. The fact that the two of them were hanging off a billboard, defacing a billboard of Noa’s own face already proved that. But maybe a bit of adventure is exactly what Daniel needs. And maybe someone a bit more stable and who has their life together is exactly what Noa needs.

Noa is definitely mysterious, but it’s in the best possible kind of way. She certainly knows how to get from one place to another quickly. And she definitely knows how to have fun. But, like all of us, Noa comes with her own issues and baggage. Something she seems to do better than us is stopping it from getting her down. She really seems to wear her heart on her sleeve and we love that. And while it seems like Noa’s life is full of adventure, it seems like her meeting Daniel may be an adventure unlike any she has ever had.

All About Family

There really aren’t a lot of shows out there that have strong, supportive families and we were so pleasantly surprised to discover that not only was that present in this show, but it was a staple to the show. The Garcia family and their relationships with one another are is one of the main focal points and we love to see it. Not only are they supportive of one another, but they also had us cracking up multiple times. Those swats from Mari had us flashing back to when our moms did that to us. Then there was Natalie’s embarrassment of Mateo and what we think are strong DJ skills! Hilarious! The most accurate brother and sister relationship right there.

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But not only did we get to see a supportive family, but we also got to see fun parents that still know how to have a good time. Mari and Rafael are ultimate couple goals and it’s no wonder why Daniel wants to have a relationship just like theirs. Just like Daniel says, Mari and Rafael aren’t perfect. But they love each other through it all. Completely and honestly. And that is a very beautiful thing.

Stamp of Approval

Okay, so it’s quite obvious that we love this show already. We absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next! There are just so many things to love. The characters, the amount of development we have already seen from them in just one episode. The underlying story and strong messages of family. And how can we possibly resist the way Daniel and the rest of his family get along and communicate? We literally loved everything right down to the soundtrack and are so excited to see where things go from here! What we know for sure is that we need shows like this and we had no idea just how much we needed this particular show until watching the pilot episode.

What did you think of the premiere? Are you as in love with the characters and the story as we are? What kind of drama do you think Daniel and Noa have in store? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to let us know all of your thoughts on the premiere episode and to join The Baker and the Beauty! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!

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  • Maria Clark

    This show is NOT authentic! They stress how “Cuban” they are but not one actor is. They don’t look or sound Cuban. Even the “Australian” lead has an inconsistent accent. If you are going to shove the fact that they’re Cuban in our face (down to the Cuban flags on the espresso cups), then get better actors!


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