Quiz: Which Character From ‘The Rookie’ Are You?

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Here at Cape & Castle, we are big fans of The Rookie. We relate to all of the characters at one time or another per episode and we’re sure you do too. But which character do you think you’re the most like?

Are you like Tim? Sure of yourself and your abilities. Or maybe you’re like Lucy and you always know how to look on the bright side. You could be excited about going for what you want just like John. But you could also be like Jackson and have the ability to make everyone around you laugh. You could be like Nyla and play your cards slowly and carefully. Or you might by like Angela, and take nonsense from no one! Take our quiz to find out which character from The Rookie you are!

Which trait describes you best?

Who would you choose to be your partner?

Which of these jobs would you love?

Time is of the essence and you have a suspect in custody, you:

There’s been a murder! How do you solve it?

It’s your day off, how are you spending it?

What movie genre is your favorite?

Which quote do you identify with the most?

What’s your weapon of choice?

What vehicle are you driving?

Quiz: Which ‘The Rookie’ Character Are You?

You Got:

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