Quiz: which Disney pet

Quiz: Which Disney Pet Is The Perfect Match For You?

Today is National Pet Day and we want to celebrate our favorite Disney pets

Pets are, without a doubt, amazingly cool. But you know what is cooler? A Disney pet! Most of them talk or communicate with their own language and they are loyal, funny and (more or less) brave.

Seriously, who didn’t grow up wanting to have one (or all) at home? I know I did. And it’s hard to have a favorite, actually.

And you, which one would you choose as your pet? Rajah, Stitch or maybe Jaq and Gus?

Wait no further. Take the quiz below and find out which Disney Princess’ pet is the perfect match for you. Share your result with @CapeandCastle.

Also, if you have a pet: make sure to cuddle it twice as much today!

What word best describes you?

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Choose a number

Who is your favorite Marvel hero?

Quiz: Which Disney pet is the perfect match for you?

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